Sometimes It Just Takes Time

I’m sure you’ve had this experience at some point in your life, even if you’re a youngster reading this.  You want to do something, or you have an idea, or you know in your gut something should be a certain way, but only you and a few around you get it.  You know like… when just a few are there with ya and ya feel the positive energy and the validity of your concept.  You know it’s time to do something different, but folks hold on to what they know, or what they like or are familiar with. Change just isn’t easy for most people.  So you work on getting what you want done, or changed or set a goal to make this thing happen and you work toward it and you get folks to think about it, try it out, support you etc.  You have to show some how you came to theBeautiful! conclusion, others accept it on face value, and frankly, some folks just don’t get it and are too stubborn to even give your idea a try.  And then one day, you turn around and review where you are and…  everyone finally caught up to you.  They get it.  They’ve joined in with your idea, are taking action, or support making that change and that’s a good feeling.  Along the way though it’s certainly tough on you.  It takes time, you have  to weather the storm, hang in there, manage the chills and the heat.  But once you get there… beautiful.

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