Welcome to the Central Seed Exchange

Greetings Everyone,

The Central Seed Exchange started out as a CCSYou group; but the limited functionalities of the group were a bummer…. so away we’ll blog!

The purpose of this blog/group is to:

  • encourage members of the CCSU community to garden,
  • encourage new gardens to experience the satisfaction of growing your own food,
  • encourage the exchange of seeds and plants in order to eliminate waste and help each other,
  • encourage the recycling of store bought plant pots, and
  • encourage folks to think about sustainability and organic gardening by thinking local and growing local!

If you have never gardened before and want to start, please feel free to ask for a few starter plants once the bloggers on this site get some stuff going. Even if your first garden is a box planter on the porch of your rented apartment, you’ll find a certain amount of pride and satisfaction when you pick your first home-grown vegetable or herb!


I know a few of you signed up for the Group… but I am looking for folks to co-admin the blog with me. If you are interested, please shoot me an email.




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