The CHNM goes one better with #occupyarchive

No surprise here that the Center for History and New Media has created an collecting site to archive the occupy movements from 2011.  Good show!

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Occupy Wall Street Archival Project

Amy Roberts, a graduate student in library and information science at Queens College, and a participant in Occupy Wall Street, is working with another participant in conjunction with Tamiment Library at New York University to create an archival project to collect “the material that has been generated during the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some of these materials include ephemera, handmade cardboard signs, photos, videos, websites, and more.” They are also “attempting to develop an oral history project.”

I wonder if anyone is doing the same for the global Occupy ___ movement?

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Tagging Survey

A MLS student at SCSU, Kyle Lynes is conducting a survey for his masters thesis.  Here is the aim of the study:  “In an effort to make digital collections more accessible, I am comparing the different tags/keywords assigned to digital images by both professional indexers and end users. These tags often end up acting as access points to the image during a keyword search, ultimately determining whether or not the image is retrieved.

I have created a web-accessible photo survey in which participants answer a few basic demographic questions and then assign tags to twenty different digital images depicting places in the United States from 1900-1925. I have already collected data from professional indexers, and I am now looking for end users to take the survey.”

Please consider doing this survey.  It will take approximately 20 minutes. The survey can be accessed here.

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Speaking of Digital Scholarship

The editors  Writing History in the Digital Age are soliciting comments on individual essays and the book as a whole from October 6 to November 14, 2011.  During this period, the editors “welcome feedback from all readers, including the three expert reviewers appointed by the Press. All commenters must use their full names. Pending the final selection of essays, author revisions, and approval by the Press, the volume will be published in traditional print and open-access digital versions.”


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Digital Publishing

These two articles fit well with tonight’s discussion.  First, Mills Kelly provides his thoughts on the impact of e-publishing on the traditional publishing industry.  Meanwhile, Robert Townsend at AHA Today laments “The End of the Book as We Know It“.

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Your Thoughts on Blogging

While we’re working out the technical difficulties with setting up your individual blogs, please put your thoughts on Dan Cohen, “Professors, Start Your Blogs” in the comments section here.

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This is the WordPress blog for HIST 511: Digital History Theory and Practice taught by Dr. Heather Munro Prescott at Central Connecticut State University.

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