Ad Hoc General Education Committee

Information Literacy

Written By: Robert Wolff - Dec• 09•11

Posted for Susan Slaga (Burritt Library)

Since information literacy is an important part of our students’ education and the Gen Ed. committee’s report, Burritt Library wanted to remind everyone that we already offer a one credit information literacy class, Library Resources and Skills (LSC 150), which is currently an elective under skills area IV and we also teach a few hundred single instruction sessions a year for many different classes and offer podcasts and videos on our website.  We unfortunately can’t reach every student and we hear a lot of complaints from teaching faculty how poor many our students’ information literacy skills are. Going forward, we would like to be more involved with the learning process whether through Freshman English classes, the new Critical Inquiry Seminar, or other subject specific courses. We feel that all incoming freshman and transfer students should receive assignments and instruction that include information literacy and/or library research.  Many universities including UCONN do this and if it’s decided that we should do that here, we’ll of course need to figure out the best way to do it, whether in class, online, hybrid classes, or with an embedded librarian in some courses.


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