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PE 144 Fitness/Wellness Ventures

Written By: Robert Wolff - Dec• 12•11

Posted for Rachel Berardino (Graduate student, Physical Education and Health)

When I first heard that the university was considering extracting PE 144 Fitness/Wellness Ventures from the ongoing curriculum I was very confused. I am a Graduate student currently in PE 144-09. I am majoring in Physical Education and Health and signed up for this class thinking it was a requirement for me. Come to find out half way through the semester I found out that I actually did not have to take the class because I had enough credits which transferred over from my undergraduate degree. However, I’m actually very happy that I’m in the class. I feel as though this class has so much to offer. It’s an entire class about health, wellness, and fitness. This class has had such an impact on me for so many different reasons. Being that I am majoring in physical education and health, I find the information presented in this class to be extremely interesting and relevant. The amazing thing about this class is that it has afforded me the opportunity to change within myself. I would consider myself a rather physically motivated and healthy individual, however, to be quite honest, this class has opened up my eyes to a lot of very common health and wellness issues that everyone should be aware of. The pure facts, statistics, general knowledge and information that this class provides is truly one of many reasons to reconsider replacing this class or removing it completely. If this class was not required than all of the incoming freshman and many upperclassman would not be exposed to the relevant health and fitness information that is so crucial to one’s well-being. This class helped me in so many ways, and I am confident that it can continue helping students in the future.

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