Ad Hoc General Education Committee

Transfer and Articulation Proposal Approved by the BOR

Written By: Thomas Burkholder - Mar• 22•12

The Transfer and Articulation Policy (pdf) was approved by the BOR on March 15, 2012.  Of particular interest is this section

The general education curricula at all ConnSCU institutions should be competency based and for transferability, students should “demonstrate competence in

  • written and oral communication in English;
  • the ability for scientific and quantitative reasoning,
  • for critical analysis and logical thinking;
  • and the capability for continuing learning, including the skills of information literacy.

They will also demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • scientific,
  • historical and
  • social phenomena, and a knowledge and appreciation of the
  • aesthetic and ethical dimensions of humankind.” (NEASC ACCREDITATION STANDARD 4)
The timeline is quite tight on this aspect, agreement on common general education competency outcomes is supposed to be accomplished by September 30, 2012

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