Prof. Specter Awarded Fellowship in Vienna

Prof. Matthew Specter will be Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna in the Fall semester of 2013. He was awarded the fellowship to work on a second book, “The Realists: The Making of a Transatlantic Foreign Policy Tradition,” which focuses on the lives and work of three Germans or German-Jewish emigres: Carl Schmitt,  Wilhelm Grewe, and Hans Morgenthau, all of whom were active and influential in foreign policy cirlces in the 1930s and 40s in Europe,  United States, or both.
He also presented a paper, “Between Critical Theory and the Basic Law: Juergen Habermas’s Reconstruction of German Political Thought,” on panels at two conferences: the annual meetings of the German Studies Association in October 2012 and the American Historical Association in January 2013.


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