Prof. Tully Presses Case for Social Studies to State Board of Education

Prof. John Tully, in his dual role as Social Studies Coordinator and President of the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies, was a part of team that made a presentation to the State Board of Education on 1 May. Joined by the Secretary of the State, Denise Merrill, Prof. Tully outlined the marginalization of social studies in the K-12 curriculum and urged the Board and the Commissioner of Education to respond to this crisis. He told the Board that:

“We simply cannot let the fates determine if our future generations understand the duties and freedoms associated with being members of a democratic society, gain perspective on the world, or appreciate the sacrifices our parents made. All of us, as citizens of the state of Connecticut, and you, as stewards of our state’s schools, need to work actively to give our students the learning experiences they need to join our ranks as educated and skilled members of our society.

And while I’m sure that nobody in this room would disagree with any of this, history will judge us, as we will surely judge ourselves, by how much effort we make to align our actions with our values.”

The panel specifically called on the Board and the State Department of Education to hire a Social Studies Consultant and to adopt the Social Studies Framework, a road map for districts planning social studies curriculum.


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