Office 365 Migration for Students

Lynn Bonesio-Peterson provided the following update about Office 365 for Students

1) We have been scheduled with Microsoft to start our migration on June 4th. According to Microsoft, the total migration time will be about three days with downtime for each individual user lasting about an hour. We are looking to move this date to sometime closer to the end of the semester, so the migration should happen sometime between May 10th and the end of May. We will begin messaging the students at the beginning of March.

 By waiting until now, we do not have to worry about synchronizing passwords for our users; they will automatically be able to use their current Live@edu password to access Office 365.

2) The key benefits over the current Microsoft Live@edu offering are as follows:

a. Mailbox size will increase from 10GB to 25GB.
b. The student will gain access to a hosted SharePoint site through which they can share files and collaborate on documents.
c. Access to web-based versions of the Office applications (Word, Excel, etc).
d.The Microsoft “Lync” chat client supports advanced features like Video chat and desktop sharing.

We are using the A2 plan, if you are looking for specifics.

In response to my question about the ability for faculty to use SharePoint and collaborate on documents, Chad Albert replied to me:

1) With regards to SharePoint, initially, students will be able to share data publicly and with each other, but Faculty will not have their own SharePoint site. After the student migration is complete, we will be looking at getting Office 365 accounts for all faculty and staff (sans-email). Once everyone has an Office 365 account, then we will be able to collaborate using the hosted SharePoint solution.

2) I don’t have a laundry list of missing features for web-based office, but it is comparable with Google Docs. Here’s a good 3rd party write-up:



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