Faculty Senate Resolution on BOR IT-001 and IT-002

N.B. This passed the Senate on Monday, January 28, 2013

Whereas, in that Academic Freedom is a public good; and

Whereas, all members of the CCSU community (faculty members, members of the administration, and students) and the Board of Regents have a responsibility to defend Academic Freedom; and

Whereas, the Board of Regents also has a contractual responsibility to defend Academic Freedom; and

Whereas the CCSU Faculty Senate has determined that BOR Policy Number IT-001, “Acceptable and Responsible Use of Information Technology and Resources,” and BOR Policy Number IT-002,“Electronic Communication,” violate core principles of Academic Freedom as commonly understood and as agreed to by the Board of Regents in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Senate calls on the President not to implement the above named policies and to refrain from changing any Information Technology policies or procedures until the Senate certifies that the proposed set of revised policies and procedures do not violate Academic Freedom.


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