December 6, 2013

Central Connecticut State University

Information Technology Committee


December 6, 2013

Room: NC 22404

1.         Approval of the minutes of November 8, 2013

2.         Announcements

a.         Blackboard migration plan/“Into the Clouds” – updates/timeline

b.         Res Hall Wireless project – updates/timeline

c.         IDFinder

i.          confirmation & techtalks

ii.         iPAD/VDI (Virtual Desktop) demo

3.         ITS Department Information/Updates

a.         No items

4.         Library Technology Announcements

a.         No items

5.         Academic Area/Departmental Reports

a.         No items

6.         Old Business (if needed)

a.         Software Request Subcommittee (LW)

b.         Emergency Planning and Emergency Notification System – update and projected plans for upgrades to the system (SM)

c.         Hardware/Facilities Technology Subcommittee – reboot

7.         New Business

a.         Discussion of University computers and challenges of keeping software updated. Ongoing teaching and research challenges as a result of regularly (and unexpectedly) needing to update plugins, patches, software, firmware, etc. (e.g., Java).


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