February 7, 2014

Central Connecticut State University
Information Technology Committee
February 7, 2014
Room: NC 22404

1. Approval of the minutes of December 6, 2013
2. Announcements/Updates
a. Mobile access of email (SM)
b. Expansion of Wireless access in the Residential Halls (JE)
c. Expansion of wireless access in classrooms & administrative bldgs. (JE)
d. Emergency notification system enhancements (JE)
e. Formation of ConnSCU CIO Council (JE)
3. ITS Department Information/Updates
a. No items
4. Library Technology Announcements
a. New: Summon/discovery layer (EI/Lib.)
5. Academic Area/Departmental Reports
a. No items
6. Old Business (if needed)
a. Faculty/staff concerns re: cleaning of user files and preferences for PT/Staff on shared computers/PT Computer Security for PT Staff form (JE/IT)
b. Identity Finder deadline reminder/opportunity for questions
c. Updates from Hardware/Facilities Technology Subcommittee
7. New Business
a. EDUCAUSE/ECAR – Update and proposal to survey faculty’s use of technology (JE)
b. Technology Showcase Middlesex CC, Chapman Hall – Friday, March 7, 2014. 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. [Register at mxcc.edu/technology-showcase] Note: there will be presenters from several ConnSCU institutions.
i. Future similar events?
c. Re-introduction of SafeAssign tool: Update

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