November 7, 2013 Agenda

Central Connecticut State University

Information Technology Committee


November 7, 2013

Room: NC 22404

1.         Approval of the minutes of October 4, 2013

2.         Announcements

a.         Blackboard Course Shells: automatic loading for the winter/spring semesters.

b.         TechTalk: Identity Finder & the new Identity Finder Confirmation System

Monday, November 11, 2013 at 9:30 am at the Camp Meeting Room

3.         ITS Department Information/Updates

a.         Outage scheduled for Nov. 29th (SM)

4.         Library Technology Announcements

a.         3D Printer – up and running for spring

5.         Academic Area/Departmental Reports

a.         Nothing indicated for this meeting

6.         Old Business (if needed)

a.         Update on faculty request for additional web browsers on classroom/lab computers (AK)

b.         Software Audit – update and chance for questions/feedback

7.         New Business

a.         Maple Software (LW)

b.         App Locker: information and initial feedback: reports, questions, and requests…

c.         Classroom Software Installation Policy DRAFT (IT)

Document link (on website)

d.         ITC/ITS related Emergency Warning process

Gathering questions for future informational discussion

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