Agenda March 6, 2015

Central Connecticut State University
Information Technology Committee Agenda
March 6, 2015
1:15 pm
Note: Different Room Spring 2015: NC 236

1. Approval of the minutes of February 5, 2015

2. Announcements
a. CIO Search update – Menoche

3. ITS Department Information/Updates
a. Presentation on new online BlueNet account request system

4. Library Technology Announcements
a. Nothing for this meeting

5. Academic Area/Departmental Reports
a. Nothing for this meeting

6. Old Business
a. ITC By-law revisions: discussion and vote (see subsequent pages)
i. Changes to committee member distribution
ii. ITC Officer election process

7. New Business
a. Reminder April meeting date: April 17, 2015

Possible framework for adjustment of committee member distribution in revised bylaws (developed by Frederic Latour):

Necessary due to changes to School of Engineering, Science & Technology and The Carol Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences department changes.

Currently: 7 A&S seats and 2 E&T seats.
Two of the A&S seats belong to areas that have moved to the new SEST school.

Proposed adjustment 4 SEST seats and 6 CLASS seats
Reasoning CLASS is almost exactly one and a half times the size of SEST.
Result: change voting members from 17 to 18 (Quorum remains 9)

Specifics of revised distribution

School of Engineering, Science and Technology Faculty (AAUP): 4

  • Engineering and Technology – Computer Electronics and Graphics Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Management, Technology and Engineering Education – 1
  • Mathematics/Computer Science – Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science - 1
  • Natural Sciences – Biology, Biomolecular Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geological Sciences, Physics & Engineering Physics – 1
  • School of Engineering, Science and Technology – At large – 1

Framework: The three areas are all of similar sizes (41, 41 and 43 full-time faculty).

Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Faculty (AAUP): 6

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences – Anthropology, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Communication, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychological Science, Sociology – 2
  • Humanities – English, History, Journalism, Modern Languages, Philosophy – 2
  • Fine Arts – Art, Music, Theater, Design - 1
  • Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – At large - 1

Framework Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities areas are have roughly twice the number of full-time faculty of the Fine Arts area (they have 82, 68 and 29 full-time faculty respectively).

Remaining distribution carries forward from the previous/existing by-law structure.

School of Business Faculty (AAUP) – 2
School of Education and Professional Studies Faculty (AAUP) – 3
Library Faculty (AAUP) – 1
Administrative Faculty (SUOAF-AFSCME) – 2

Ex Officio Appointments remain the same (all non-voting)
Dean, Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences – 1Dean,
School of Business – 1 Dean,
School of Education and Professional Studies – 1
Dean, School of Engineering, Science & Technology – 1
Director of Library Services – 1
Chief Information Officer – 1

A. Elections
1. The Information Technology Committee (ITC) shall organize itself as follows:
a. The Election Committee shall begin in March to solicit a slate of potential officers to lead ITC for the following year. The officers nominated must be ITC members who will be continuing to serve on the committee in the upcoming academic year. The slate will be finalized within 3 business days after the faculty senate releases the results of the ITC membership for the upcoming academic years. This slate will consist of candidates for chair, vice chair and secretary.
b. Officers for the following year shall be voted on by secret ballot and decided by majority vote. Following the results of Faculty Senate Committee Elections and prior to the end of the academic calendar, the election committee will hold an electronic vote. Officers shall formally assume their duties immediately following the announcement of the election results.
c. The new officers shall set a time and place for the first meeting to occur after the first week but not later than the fourth week of the fall semester. The officers shall inform the membership of this meeting in writing and/or via electronic mail.

4. Committees
a. The Election Committee
1. Shall consist of three members elected at the March meeting and shall oversee the elections of officers.
2. Members shall recuse themselves from the Election Committee if they are nominated for office.
b. Special Committees or task forces may be formed to investigate or consider special matters.

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