Agenda October 3, 2014

Central Connecticut State University

Information Technology Committee


October 3, 2014

Room: NC 22404

  1. Approval of the minutes of September 2014
  1. Special election and/or official confirmation of electronic vote – Mejia
  1. Announcements
    1. Update on remaining elections/open spot – Menoche [5 min.]
  1. ITS Department Information/Updates
    1. Results from Summer Faculty Training Institute – Estrada [15 min.]
    2. ConnSCU Initiative on enhancing classroom technology – Estrada [10 min.]
    3. Library Technology Announcements
  2. Library Technology Announcements
    1. Nothing indicated for this meeting
  1. Academic Area/Departmental Reports
    1. Nothing indicated for this meeting
  1. Old Business (if needed)
    1. Filling of subcommittees – Menoche [10 min.]
      1.   Software Requests Subcommittee and
      2. Classroom Technology Subcommittee
    2. By-laws revisions (opening discussion) – Menoche [15 min.]
      1. Formation of sub-committee
      2. For future consideration distribution of positions – possible starting framework from F. Latour (see other side/page 2)
      3. Possible additional items for revision? (beyond distribution of committee member slots and timing of positions
  1. New Business
    1. Update on CIO Search – Menoche
    2. Brief question/discussion of electrical and blind issues (IT)
    3. As needed/requested

Page 2
One possible framework for adjustment of committee member distribution in revised bylaws:

School of Engineering, Science & Technology and (current name) Carol A. Ammon School of Arts & Sciences

Currently: 7 A&S seats and 2 E&T seats.

Two of the A&S seats belong to areas that have moved to the new SEST school.

Proposed adjustment 4 SEST seats and 6 CLASS seats

Reasoning CLASS is almost exactly one and a half times the size of SEST.

Result: change voting members from 17 to 18 (Quorum remains 9)

Specifics of distribution

School of Engineering, Science and Technology Faculty (AAUP): 4

  • Engineering and Technology – Computer Electronics and Graphics Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Management, Technology and Engineering Education – 1
  • Mathematics/Computer Science – Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science - 1
  • Natural Sciences – Biology, Biomolecular Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geological Sciences, Physics & Engineering Physics – 1
  • School of Engineering, Science and Technology – At large – 1

Framework: The three areas are all of similar sizes (41, 41 and 43 full-time faculty).

Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Faculty (AAUP): 6

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences – Anthropology, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Communication, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychological Science, Sociology – 2
  • Humanities – English, History, Journalism, Modern Languages, Philosophy – 2
  • Fine Arts – Art, Music, Theater, Design - 1
  • Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – At large - 1

Framework Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities areas are have roughly twice the number of full-time faculty of the Fine Arts area (they have 82, 68 and 29 full-time faculty respectively).

Remaining distribution carries forward from the previous/existing by-law structure.

School of Business Faculty (AAUP)  – 2

School of Education and Professional Studies Faculty (AAUP)         – 3

Library Faculty (AAUP)         – 1

Administrative Faculty (SUOAF-AFSCME)  – 2

Ex Officio Appointments remain the same

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