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Classroom/Lab Software Requests

Instructions and Submission Form

Requests for classroom/lab software purchases and upgrades that rely on University-level funding through the Information Technology Department must be submitted by December 1 in order to receive consideration for the next academic year.

Additionally, it is strongly recommended that other requests, such as freeware or software you plan to purchase with school or departmental funds during the next fiscal year, be included as well since it aids the IT Department in its planning, testing, and coordination of software installation.

Please go to the form linked at the bottom of this page.


  • If you have more than one request, please submit multiple forms (one for each request).
  • Please consult the list of classroom software available in computer labs and classrooms on campus before submitting a request. Please note that the December 1st deadline DOES NOT apply to purchases paid with school or departmental funds.
  • All requests will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Information Technology Committee (ITC).  The requests will be prioritized taking into consideration budgeting restraints and justifications; not all requests will be funded.
  • In recent years, resources have been awarded primarily to ongoing software needs (upgrades, maintenance, etc.).
  • Departments looking for new software are encouraged to submit a request with both the ITC and through departmental one-time requests.
  • You will be notified with the status of your request, as determined by the ITC, during the following Spring semester.

Classroom/Lab Software Submission Form

Following is a general procedure to fill the software request form:

  1. Click the above link
  2. It will take you to: Classroom and Lab Budget/Request Forms at
  3. The page has a link
  4. Log in using ccsu_comp_srv\username (your Bluenet account) and password
  5. After login, on the left side, click the “all categories”
  6. Look for Classroom/Lab Request for Funding – Hardware, or Classroom/Lab Request for Funding – software
  7. Fill the form.

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  1. Roger Bilisoly says:

    How do I request software to be installed university-wide?

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