April 1, 2010

Present : T. Burkholder, T. Brodeur, M. Fallon, S. Kirstukas, A. Kullgren (guest), C. Labetz, O. Mamed (guest), G. Mejia, C. Menoche, C. Penniman (for T. Doan), S. Pesino, J. Piatek (via Skype), H. Rudzinski, L. Washko (guest), R. Wolff (guest)

1.     Meeting called to order at 1:05pm.

2.     Minutes of the March 4, 2011 were approved.

3.     Announcements

a.     None

4.     Old Business

a.     Software Requests Report – L. Washko reported that James Estrada has approved all of the maintenance upgrades and license renewal requests.  Those who made the requests have been notified to get a quote, fill out a purchase requisition and send it to L. Washko.  James will be discussing the new requests with Carl Lovitt.

b.     Computer/Multimedia Classroom Report – H. Rudzinski reported that he and L. Washko created a survey that was sent out via email to the Academic Departments list.  To date, 117 faculty have responded to the survey.  Some issues that involved a quick fix (no funds needed) were addressed – such as missing laptop cables, broken Mute button on switcher, etc.  Two common complaints are the projector screen covering the white boards and slow computers. The subcommittee will get together and review the survey information and report back at a future meeting.

c.     PC Classroom update – L. Washko reported that the new PC classroom is set up in the MW Computer Lab and the old classroom is now open space for students.  The new PC classroom has 30 student seats and will be available for summer reservations and the first 7 weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters.

d.     CSU Course Management Software Review update – S. Pesino reported that the RFP was scheduled to be released April 1. When the RFP’s are back, the committee will pick the top two. These two choices will be installed on servers for Committee members to evaluate. There was a concern that open source software companies could not respond to the RFP. Companies, such as rSmart, can respond for open source and CSU is ready to submit for open source, if necessary. The final decision will be made by June 15, 2011.  A small group of faculty will pilot the new LMS in the Fall of 2011. Only on-ground courses will be included in the first pilot, no fully online courses.  Pilot faculty will be asked to provide feedback via a web site and will be very important for the transition process. There will be a second, larger pilot in Spring 2012. We hope to have everyone on the new system by August, 2012. Blackboard Vista support ends on December 31, 2012.

e.     Opt-out policy for Academic Users list server guidelines – T. Burkholder reported that the Faculty Senate recommended a set of guidelines be created. Discussion: Since this new listserv is just for announcements, should it be moderated? The consensus was that, yes, it should be moderated since it is exclusively for announcements.  But, who would moderate it?  T. Burkholder, C. Menoche, and O. Mamed will work on the guidelines and will present them at the next meeting of the ITC with hopes of presenting them to the Faculty Senate by the end of the spring semester (or at the beginning of the fall semester).

f.     Online Assessment Committee Report – No report from M. Fallon.

5.     New Business

a.     A. Kullgren announced that she has 20 8GB iPod Touches that were returned to her.  They were purchased by the university and used with a class as an experiment but they didn’t work out well.  If anyone would like to borrow an iPod (or all of them), contact Amy.

6.     Meeting adjourned at 1:55pm.

Respectfully submitted by L. Washko.


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