December 3, 2010

Present: T. Burkholder, D. Blitz, J. Snyder, J. Krans, K. Saha, R. Todd, C. Labedz, B. Sponder, S. Kirstukas, D. Herman, R. Wolf, S. Erardi, L. Washko (guest), A. Kullgren (guest), J. Piatek (via Connect)

I.                   Meeting called to order at 1:05 p.m.

II.                Minutes of November 5, 2010 were approved without amendment

III.             Announcements

1.      The Office 2011 download will be available in the near future. Another email will be sent out.

IV.             Old Business

1.      Software request report – The committee collected 37 responses with a majority being upgrades. Committee will meet to go over the list and prioritize items. L. Washko will compile a spreadsheet with departments, dollar amounts, and number of impacted student. T. Burkholder will meet with Provost to discuss the items on the list.

2.      Computer classroom committee – J. Krans reported that the committee has met. T. Burkholder asked the committee to identify things that Facilities Planning can repair. J. Krans will follow up with H. Rudzinski about contacting deans or department chairs to inform them that the ITC will take upgrade and/or repair requests of high tech teaching stations. L. Washko suggested the committee develop and distribute a faculty survey to collect requests. D. Blitz suggested gathering a list of computer classrooms and creating a database that also includes information about the hardware.

3.      PC classroom update – L. Washko reported that for spring semester, the PC classroom will not change. It will be able to be reserved for the first seven weeks of the semester. The Macintosh room will be redesigned to fit thirty PC computers in the room. The goal is to have that in place by spring semester.

4.      CSU Course Management Software Review update – No update

V.                New Business

1.      Opt-out policy for Academic Users list server – Some faculty who were subscribed and have subsequently opted out. G. Gigliotti asked that the ITC consider a policy that would automatically subscribe everyone at beginning of the academic year with the option of automatically opting out. The committee discussed possible rules for listservs, rules for posting, filtering emails based on content, and constructing separate listservs for announcements and opinion. T. Burkholder will write a motion that the ITC can discuss at the next meeting.

2.      Online Assessment Committee Report – No update

VI.             Meeting adjourned at 2:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


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