February 4, 2011

Present: T. Burkholder, J. Snyder, M. Fallon, K. Saha, R. Todd, S. Hyat, B. Sponder, S. Kirstukas, R. Wolff, A. Kullgren, S. Erardi, E. Iglesias, J. Piatek (via Skype)

I.                   Meeting called to order at 1:08 p.m.

II.                Minutes of December 3, 2010 were approved without amendment

III.             Announcements

1.      A. Kullgren reported that IT is almost finished with hardware support document. It will be posted next week in IT Announcement.

2.      A. Kullgren reported that IT is looking to install CompuTrace on all laptops on campus. Details are forthcoming.

IV.             Old Business

1.      Software request report – T. Burkholder reported that he met with J. Estrada and discussed software requests submitted in November. J. Estrada and Provost will discuss funding priorities further.

2.      Computer classroom committee – No update.

3.      PC classroom update – S. Erardi reported that Mac Classroom has been emptied, new furniture had been ordered, and it is being installed. Next week electrical and networking will be worked on. The room will be functional soon. PC Classroom will be opened to general use.

4.      CSU Course Management Software Review update – M. Fallon reported that the committee met on January 19. A decision about CMS is to be made by June-July 2011 because the university must migrate courses by fall 2013. M. Fallon stated that the faculty survey is still available and faculty should continue contributing ideas.

i.      The committee was divided into three subcommittees: 1) Faculty: focuses on CMS functionality 2) Deans: focuses on “bigger picture” institutional and program requirements and planning  3) IT staff: To make sure that support is provided, etc.

ii.      The faculty subcommittee is divided into four subcommittees. They are required to report next Friday, Feb. 11 on progress.

iii.      The process for selection will begin with proposal screenings and then move to vendor demonstrations, and subcommittee rank ordering products. A sandbox will be created for committee members to experiment with the two highest-ranked products. Then, a total cost analysis will be performed followed by a final agreement.

iv.      The committee discussed the process. E. Iglesias asked about how one might contact vendors for opensource alternatives. M. Fallon assured the committee that opensource solutions were being considered. She indicated, for example, that some CMS systems do use Moodle as its engine. B. Sponder asked about current usage of Blackboard. S. Erardi said that there are currently 1,000 student shells.

V.                New Business

1.      Opt-out policy for Academic Users list server – T. Burkholder asked for a consensus from the committee about developing opt-out policy. The committee discussed an opt-out policy. B. Sponder suggested that the link on the CCSU site should be sufficient, but that the information needs to be easier to find on the site. G. Mejia asked if the email announcements by Mark McLaughlin were already serving the purpose of an announcements only listserv. A. Kullgren will place instructions for joining the existing listservs in next week’s IT Announcement.

i.      Motion by R. Todd (second: S. Kirstukas): Once every academic year, all faculty will be added to a new announce only listserv and be given the option of being removed from the list.  Motion passed (7 yes, 3 oppose).

ii.      The committee discussed how the listserv would be administered. It was suggested that the committee should develop recommendations and guidelines for using the listserv.

2.      Online Assessment Committee Report – M. Fallon reported that the committee met in November. They discussed assessing the demographics of students who took online classes in the fall semester. S. Pesino is collecting that data. The committee also discussed modification of assessment items to match the situation. The committee also discussed the challenge that there is no third party to capture and return assessments. S. Pesino is looking into a third-party service. The committee discussed possibility of a peer review component for sites’ design.

i.      The committee sought clarification from the Senate about the committee’s charge. C. Barrington responded to the committee’s question after the committee’s November meeting and suggested that the university use a centralized assessment form featuring a core set of questions that will be applied to all online courses.

VI.             Meeting adjourned at 2:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


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