March 4, 2011

Present: T. Burkholder, D. Blitz, J. Snyder, G. Mejia, S. Halkin (for T. Doan), M. Fallon, C. Labedz, S. Kirstukas, D. Herman, T. Brodeur, S. Pesino, A. Kullgren, S. Erardi, E. Iglesias, H. Rudzinski, L. Washko (guest), J. Piatek (via Skype)

  1. Meeting called to order at 1:03 p.m.
  2. Minutes of February 4, 2011 were approved without amendment
  3. Announcements

a. S. Pesino said that cable provider has changed, and faculty will need to use a remote if they need to reset the channels.

b. T. Burkholder announced that he has not heard back from the Faculty Senate about the motion ITC passed at its last meeting concerning the faculty listserv policy.

4. Old Business

a. Software request report – L. Washko reported that the subcommittee met. They reviewed the requests and submitted a spreadsheet of requests. The subcommittee recommends that license renews and upgrades be funded. T. Burkholder asked about Adobe. The committee discussed CSU’s work on getting a license for Adobe. The committee will forward the spreadsheet to J. Estrada.

b. Computer classroom committee – H. Rudzinski reported on the committee’s recent meeting. The committee decided to build a survey form and make it available to faculty. Signs will be posted to the multimedia stations. S. Pesino suggested that the committee coordinate with Facilities about the removal of tv/vcr combos hanging from the ceiling in some classrooms. M. Fallon asked about training for the LAN School software.

c. CSU course management software review update – M. Fallon reported that the committee had a phone conference recently. She handed out a draft of features the subcommittees had compiled. D. Blitz asked about a list of vendors and how open-source vendors would be able to respond to the RFP.E. Iglesias stated that there are vendors who work with state-level agencies that support open-source software.

d. Online assessment committee report – No update.

5. New Business

a. Meeting time – The committee discussed changing the meeting time. No change was desired.

b. CALICO Conference – G. Mejia said that CALICO (Computer-aided language instruction consortium) put out a call for proposals to host the 2014 conference. He asked if the committee would be interested in pursuing this opportunity. The conference would likely be 500-600 people and 50-60 vendors. The committee suggested that G. Mejia speak with L. Washko and R. Cheney and return to the committee with more information. Motion by E. Iglesias (second: S. Pesino): The ITC believes that this would be a worthwhile use of campus resources and contribute to the aggrandizement of the campus’s reputation. Motion passed.

c. L. Washko reported on the progress of the computer labs.

d. Meeting adjourned at 1:53 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


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