November 5, 2010

Present: T. Brodeur, D. Blitz, J. Snyder, G. Mejia, M. Fallon, C. Menoche, K. Saha, S. Hyat, C. Labedz, S. Kirstukas, E. Kirby, J. Estrada, S. Erardi, E. Iglesias, H. Rudzinski, L. Washko (guest), A. Kullgren (guest), J. Piatek (via Connect), J. Krans

I.                   Meeting called to order at 1:02 p.m.

II.                Minutes of October 1, 2010 were approved with minor amendments to add G. Mejia and E. Iglesias to members present.

III.             Announcements

1.      T. Burkholder will look into ex-officio appointments.

2.      J. Estrada made the following announcements to the committee.

i.      Upgrade to Blackboard has been postponed. The system office will spearhed a new review of learning management systems, including both commercial and open sources systems.

ii.      The system office has decided to install a telepresence system on all four campus and in president’s offices. The system office would also like to move forward with plans to install Web conferencing software for use in classrooms. Committees, chaired by members of the system office, and populated by members of the faculty will be formed. D. Blitz asked if budgetary information had been provided for the telepresence systems, and J. Estrada indicated that no information had been provided. T. Burkholder asked what spaces were going to be used for the telepresence systems. J. Estrada said that was being looked into.

iii.      Requests for 2020 funds for current fiscal year will be reviewed and more information will be available in the near future.

3.      T. Burkholder said Moodle will be upgraded to version 2.0. He is accepting requests for shells for spring 2011. D. Blitz suggested doing a Moodle demonstration at the next ITC meeting.

IV.             Old Business

1.      Software request report – A total of 17 requests were placed. L Washko suggested that the committee extend the deadline and send out another reminder. T. Burkholder will ask Courtney McDavid to send out another request. C. Menoche recommended targeting those individuals who submitted requests last year.

2.      Computer classroom committee – This committee handles requests for changes to specific computer classrooms. H. Rudzinski reported that the committee has not yet met with the CIO, but will do so.

3.      PC Classroom report – J. Estrada updated group. No alternative space has been found. CIO’s staff has come up with a solution to swap PCs into Mac lab. This will accommodate approximately 30 computers. J. Estrada met with Provost Lovitt and Richard Bachoo. The Provost agreed to make every effort to make labs available in the new academic building, but at this points, can’t make commitment. Carl Antonucci (Library Director) was contacted about computer classroom on the library’s second floor (after renovation) to provide access for overflow. The goal is to relieve Marcus White of the burden of being the only space available. L. Washko said that swap of PC to Mac room will be attempted for spring 2011. IDTRC is providing some space for student teams to work together. D. Blitz suggested that the ITC revisit discussions about second floor renovations in the library and talk with the committee in charge of planning the renovations. T. Burkholder will talk with Richard Bachoo about opening channels of communication with Facilities Planning Committee.

4.      Upgrade to Blackboard 9.X – See Announcements

V.                New Business

1.      Next meeting: Place TBA, December 3, 2010.

2.      M. Fallon Online Assessment Committee to meet on November 11.

3.      M. Fallon stated that there is a push from somewhere (unknown) on campus to increase CCSU Online cap to 30 students.

4.      Follow-up announcement: Home use program for Microsoft is moving forward. Announcement will go out on or around November 15.

5.      Laptops with Windows 7 are available for testing. Administrative applications, including Banner, are not supported with Windows 7 and/or IE 8.

VI.             Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


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