October 1, 2010

Present: J. Krans, M. Fallon, K. Saha, R. Todd, S. Hyat, J. Snyder, R. Wolf, J. Estrada, S. Erardi, E. Iglesias, G. Mejia, A. Kullgren (guest), A. Jarvis (guest), L. Washko (guest), T. Rivera (guest)

I.                   Meeting called to order at 1:03 p.m.

II.                Minutes of September 10, 2010 were approved without amendment.

III.             Remarks and Q&A with Mr. James Estrada, CCSU CIO

1.      J. Estrada addressed the ITC and described his previous experience, expressed interest in working, and said that he is working to meet people on campus. He described his philosophy for working with advisory committees as collaboration with structure. He also asked that the ITC understand the position he is in and the difficulty to reach consensus with such a large committee. He requested buy-in from the ITC when decisions are made.

2.      J. Estrada informed the ITC that in his absence, S. Erardi (Academic Technology) and Amy Magno (User Support Services) will speak on his behalf. Feels it is challenging to come to consensus with the advisory committee – recognize position he is in, when decisions are made, buy in from ITC becomes more important.

3.      J. Estrada informed the ITC that he will have more information about 20-20 funding in the coming weeks.

4.      T. Burkholder asked for J. Estrada’s opinion about Blackboard adoption decision. J. Estrada responded that campus CIOs and system office disagree about whether CIOs were involved in the decision. A new system CIO has been selected (Wendy Chang) and will begin on Monday, October 4.

IV.             Announcements

1.      Minutes and agendas will be posted to the you.ccsu.edu ITC blog.

V.                Old Business

1.      Software request form – E. Iglesias sent the form to the ITC for comments. Changes will be made next week. The survey needs to be migrated to Select Survey or some other location this coming summer. The survey will be distributed in the next week.

2.      PC/Mac classroom subcommittee – L. Washko updated the group. The subcommittee is still looking for a space. The group has investigated several alternatives and are at an impasse. Based on meetings with Susan Petrosino and the Facilities Planning Committee, the subcommittee learned that a capital project request form needs to be filled out after a room has been found. The plan to take the PC/Mac Classroom offline is still on. L. Washko stated that the PC classroom will be there in the spring and can be available for the first five (5) weeks of the spring, but not after that. One alternative is to use a trailer, but issues with power and data will make that difficult. M. Fallon suggested the CACE space might be useful in the short term. T. Burkholder suggested that Friday afternoons may need to be used for those courses. The committee will contact CACE.

3.      Computer classroom subcommittee – No update. J. Krans volunteered to be added to the subcommittee.

4.      Upgrade to Blackboard 9.X – D. Blitz submitted to the ITC a version of a letter addressed to Chancellor Carter outlining the committee’s concerns about the decision to adopt the new Blackboard product.

i.      J. Estrada reminded the ITC that there will be more support costs for an open-source alternative.

ii.      T. Burkholder mentioned that there has not been an open discussion about cost-benefit analysis for making this decision. Group discussed options.

iii.      A motion was made by G. Mejia (seconded by K. Saha) to send the letter to Chancellor Carter and to also send copies to interested parties, including Faculty Senate, Provost, and President. The motion passed.

VI.             New Business

1.      you.ccsu.edu policies — A. Jarvis updated the committee. Only those individuals who are registered for the site and have ccsu.edu email can comment on the blogs. Additionally, blog owners can restrict users and comments. A subcommittee was formed to discuss restrictions and policies. T. Burkholder will work with A. Jarvis. A message will be sent to the listserv for additional volunteers.

VII.          Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


One Response to October 1, 2010

  1. Otis Mamed, Director, Student Center says:

    Has the issue of computer classrooms, labs, or just a stronger Wi-Fi and outlets in the planned new academic building been discussed? This came up at a UPBC (University Planning and Budget Committee) Meeting the other day. Is it true that there are no plans for classroom technology in the building or just that the decision for what should go in the building has not been made yet. Isn’t this a question the ITC should weigh in on?

    I am no longer a member of ITC, but am on the UPBC with an interest in supporting future technology understanding and use by us and our students. –Otis

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