September 10, 2010

Present: G. Mejia, D. Blitz, T. Burkholder, J. Krans, M. Fallon, K. Saha, S. Kurkovsky, C. Labedz, J. Snyder, B. Sponder, D. Herman, T. Brodeur, S. Pesino, R. Wolf, S. Erardi, E. Iglesias, H. Rudzinski, L Washko (guest), O. Mamed (guest), A. Jarvis (guest)

I.     Meeting called to order at 1:02 p.m.

II.     Minutes of May 7, 2010 were approved without amendment.

III.     Announcements

1.     Blackboard — System CIO in consultation with four campus CIOs has decided that the university will be using new Blackboard product (Blackboard Learn).

i.     D. Blitz (second B. Sponder) made a motion: ITC chair and vice-chair will be given the responsibility to write a letter to the Faculty Senate and CCSu Provost noting the lack of faculty involvement in Blackboard decision and requesting to see a statement of expected costs.

1.     After discussion, the motion was approved.

2.     Assessment of online courses — Faculty Senate requested assessment of online courses, but did not clarify if they wanted course assessment or student outcomes assessment. Provost asked about how assessment of online courses is being carried out. S. Pesino said her office conducted assessment through Blackboard VISTA, but it was not a long-term solution.

i.     An online assessment subcommittee was formed and charged with gathering information about online course assessment and clarifying the Faculty Senate’s request. M. Fallon, B. Sponder, and D. Blitz volunteered to serve on the subcommittee.

3.     ITC to meet at IDTRC for next meeting

IV.     Old Business

1.     Software request form – It was noted that the form needs to be updated, an appropriate deadline for submission set, and announcement to campus community about the form made. H. Rudzinski, E. Iglesias, and C. Menoche are serving on the subcommittee. D. Herman suggested that we encourage submission of all software being used regardless of funding source.

2.     Computer classroom subcommittee – The subcommittee announced that no major action had been undertaken during the summer. After discussion, it was decided that the subcommittee should continue to exist despite uncertainty surrounding funding sources for computer classrooms. H. Rudzinski and G. Mejia volunteered to serve on the subcommittee.

3.     Wordpress and PHP/MySql software update – Alex Jarvis (guest) updated the ITC about this initiative and demonstrated the new site. Those who want to experiment can visit and create an account.

V.     New Business

1.     iTunesU – S. Pesino updated the ITC about a recent ITunesU subcommittee meeting. She reported that the CCSU ITunesU site is not yet public. The subcommittee is working on enhanced podcasting. The Web site is up with a place to attach a file, and a mechanism to tell Sherry that file is there and ready to be placed on the server. Uploaded assets will be public, but the link won’t be searchable. The Center will also record assets for faculty.

2.     PC/Mac classroom subcommittee – L. Washko updated the ITC. The subcommittee has looked for one room that can be converted to a swing space, and they provided administration with two underutilized rooms from which to choose. After recently contacting the Facilities Planning Committee, the subcommittee has discovered that the two rooms are not currently underutilized. The subcommittee has requested a meeting of interested parties to find a classroom.

3.     Distance learning — D. Blitz handed out and discussed the documents produced by the Distance Learning Study Committee. C. Labedz suggested that e-learning policy be modified to allow distance learning decisions be made at the campus level. The ITC decided to form a subcommittee to address issues related to distance learning. D. Blitz, C. Labedz, and J. Snyder volunteered to serve on the subcommittee.

4.     Next meeting: October 1, 2010

VI.     Meeting adjourned at 2:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


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