December 2, 2011 Minutes

Information Technology Committee
Minutes of December 2, 2011 Meeting

Present: T. Burkholder, J. Melnyk, K. Kean, J. Piatek, K. Saha, E. Makover, S. Kirstukas, R. Wolff, I. Pevac, J. Estrada, J. Kazecki, H. Rudzinski, J. Farhat, C. Labedz, A. Kullgren, S. Bernstein, J. Gamache, S. Pesino

  1. Meeting called to order at 1:05 p.m.

  1. Motion to approve minutes of November 11, 2011

    S. Kirstukas  Second: S. Pesino.  Vote: Passed unanimously.

  1. Announcements

    1. Blackboard Learn – S. Pesino discussed the pilot testing of Blackboard Learn. There was an overwhelming number of requests from faculty (~ 35). An information session will be held on Friday the 9th at 9:30 a.m. One issue for faculty deciding to adopt the new Learn software will be whether or not content can be migrated from Vista to the Learn software. S. Pesino also mentioned that faculty will need training prior to migrating due to potential challenges.

    1. Computers – Amy Magno discussed plans to replace 296 computers in computer labs over the winter break. Faculty computers are currently being updated to Windows 7. The School of Education has been completed and the School of Arts & Sciences is up next.

  1. Old Business

    1. SAS and SPSS – J. Farhat presented information on both software packages. For SPSS there are numerous modules and it was suggested that a purchase of all modules would be the most beneficial. Pricing is yet to be determined. For SAS, the software is in the cloud for classroom usage but not opened for faculty/research. Pricing information to be determined.

    1. ITC Software Requests – T. Burkholder presented a summary spreadsheet of software renewals and new requests. There was discussion on scheduling licenses to expire on June 30th in order to facilitate ease of payment/license renewal for the current fiscal year. There was also discussion about the procedure for determining the priority of software renewals and new requests. E. Makover suggested consolidating software between schools (e.g. Matlab and Adobe CS5). J. Estrada suggested purchasing a site license for Adobe as opposed to purchasing multiple licenses. Some suggestions included determining which departments purchase Adobe with their own funding and if possible, consolidate those funds with technology fee money in order to purchase a site license for the University. C. Labedz suggested that departments purchasing Adobe with their own funds should be offered a discounted price if joining a consolidating fund with the ITC to purchase a site-wide license. The software request sub-committee will discuss the issue of consolidation and finalize the priority list to forward to the CIO.

  1. New Business

    1. By-Law Revisions – There was discussion over why the College of Arts & Sciences requires two members from each department. This issue will be revisited. The ex-officio member “Director of Media Services” is not a filled position and therefore this person does not exist. A motion was raised by I. Pevac to remove this position.

      Motion: Remove the Director of Media Services as a listed member of the ITC.  I. Pevac  Second: J. Farhat.  Vote: Passed unanimously

    1. Master Calendar – The ITC will be visited by Otis Mamed and Mark McLaughlin. in order to discuss consolidation of multiple calendars into one system.

    1. Scantron Technology – There was some discussion over the scantron system for grading examinations. This evolved into discussing the use of online course evaluations instead of the current paper method. A subcommittee will be formed of E. Makover, J. Melnyk, and S. Pesino to determine the current status of our scantron technology and future directions that may be taken.

Motion: Meeting adjourned at 1:08 p.m.  C. Labedz  Second: J. Melnyk

Respectfully Submitted,  Jason Melnyk

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