February 3, 2012

Sprague Carlton Room, Student Center

Meeting Minutes

Present: T. Burkholder, J. Snyder, J. Piatek, S. Bernstein, G. Mejia, K. Kean, I. Pevac, E. Makover, C. Labedz, J. Melnyk, S Kirstukas, J. Gamache, R. Wolff, J. Estrada, H. Rudzinski, Guests: A. Kullgren, L. Washko, S. Pesino, O. Mamed

I. Meeting called to order at 1:01 p.m.

II. Minutes of December 2, 2011 were approved without amendment (G. Mejia)

III. Announcements

  • Updates from CIO James Estrada J. Estrada presented information about streamlining in his office. He reported that he will request $42,000 from UPBC to maintain current software. Two-hundred-fifty computers were installed during the winter session. A. Kullgren is leading a group that is working on spreadsheets of technology classrooms and resources that need to be replaced on a cyclical basis. This is part of a strategy to provide data to the Registrar and UPBC. IT is also working to make images of technology classrooms available. C. Labedz asked about the dialogue over when the university may no longer provide workstations at each student seat. The committee discussed mobile computing. J. Estrada expressed a desire to speak with faculty who will be going into the new building.

IV. Old Business

  • Software Requests Dec 2011 Prioritized T. Burkholder presented the final, prioritized list to the committee.
  • Bylaw revision interim report
    • Current Bylaws and bylaws marked for revision T. Burkholder presented changes made to bylaws based on feedback. He proposed putting marked-up bylaws available on the blog so that members can comment. The bylaws subcommittee will introduce a final draft at the next ITC meeting. R. Todd expressed concern about collapsing the A&S members into one category. Representation was discussed.

V. New Business

  • Course Evaluations S. Pesino proposed that best practices, solutions, and a target deadline be identified.
  • Exam Scanning The Center is looking into getting a scanner so that faculty can scan their own exams.
  • Learn Pilot S. Pesino reported 15 of 21 faculty have chosen to rebuild course shells from scratch, but it is going as smoothly as possible for a pilot. The target for going live is fall 2012. Training will begin at the end of February.

Meeting adjourned at 2:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder



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