March 2, 2012

Sprague-Carlton Room, Student Center

Present: T. Burkholder, J. Snyder, J. Piatek, G. Mejia, I. Pevac, E. Makover, J. Farhat, S. Kirstukas, S. Bernstein, J. Gamache, S. Pesino, J. Estrada, E. Iglesias, K. Kean, Guests: A. Kullgren, L. Washko, O. Mamed

I. Meeting called to order at 1:01 p.m.

II. Minutes of February 3, 2012 were approved without amendment (E. Makover, Second: G. Mejia)

III. Announcements

  • Course Evaluation Committee - S. Pesino reported that the committee met, requested information from other institutions about use, and will meet again before the next ITC meeting. They hope to see demos soon.
  • Learn Pilot – S. Pesino postponed training due to stability issues, but training will soon move forward. Integration is still a problem.
  • SAS & SPSS – L. Washko reported that the committee is looking to surveySPSS faculty users to identify those modules they use beyond the base module. Funding will likely depend on if use is for teaching or researching. SAS on-demand may allow free use for research.
  • Chrome and Firefox – L. Washko stated that Chrome and Firefox are not as secure as IE because they can’t be patched because users need to have administrative rights. Committee members discussed the claim. If Firefox is removed, announcements will be made.
  • Administrative Rights – A. Kullgren announced that, in light of the security breach and the need to combat viruses on campus, information technology will be expanding the removal of administrative rights to all faculty and staff.
  • Question and Answer about IT Security (J. Estrada) - At the request of T. Burkholder, J. Estrada discussed the timeline of events surrounding the ZBOT virus attack. He emphasized that security needs to become a shared responsibility on campus. CCSU conducted analysis in December and forensic analysis began in January with the hiring of a new CISO. Analysis reveals that names and SSNs were exposed. Contributing Factors: 1) Failure to enforce recommendations in two reports, 2) organizational issues in responsibility, staffing, tools, and budgets. He discussed the consumer protections being made available to affected members. He discussed responses to the technology and business practices issues involved.
    • J. Farhat asked why former students and staff were affected. J. Estrada indicated that the computer affected contained historical data dating back to about 1998.
    • Questions were asked about the security of particular drives and zipped files. J. Estrada indicated that a secure folder will likely be created for storing files containing PII data

IV. Old Business

  • Bylaw revision interim report - C. Labedz updated the bylaws based on comments from the last meeting.
    • Motion to call the question (E. Iglesias, second: J. Farhat). Motion carried.
    • Motion: Accept the bylaws changes (E. Iglesias, second: J. Piatek). Motion carried.
    • Discussion: The committee discussed the number of representatives.

Next meeting will be second Friday in April

Meeting adjourned at 2:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Jason Snyder

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