May 4, 2012

Library, Third-Floor Classroom

Present: T. Burkholder, J. Snyder, K. Kean, R. Todd, E. Makover, C. Labedz, S. Bernstein, S. Pesino, R. Wolff, H. Rudzinski, J. Melnyk Guests: L. Washko, A. Kullgren, I. Pevac, Z. Bello

I. Meeting called to order at 1:05 p.m.

II. Minutes of April13, 2012 approved without amendment.

III. Announcements
Scantron — S. Pesino reported that for fall semester, there will be a scantron machine for scanning exams. Faculty will run the machine for their own exams. She will order a machine that can scan completed with either pencil or pen.

Blackboard Learn — S. Pesino updated the faculty about Blackboard Learn. She reported that a number of faculty have been receiving training. After a brief hiatus, training will pick up again. Anyone trained on the use of Learn is strongly encouraged to use it in the fall.

ITS Announcements — A. Kullgren (on behalf of J. Estrada) — Registration was largely successful. Security awareness training is being offered by the ConnSCU office on Monday.

IV. Old Business
SAS and SPSS Update – L. Washko — For SAS, CCSU will have to work with SAS On Demand because of the cost of SAS and low usage rates on campus. This service is free and analysis is conducted on the SAS server. CCSU is the only one of the four CSU schools that uses SAS. For SPSS, the cost to purchase extra modules. IT will support current version in the classrooms, and faculty can pay for newer versions at a cost of $250 for year with all of the modules. Some discussion ensued.

Classroom Survey Results – Henry Rudzinski — He reported that the committee is still collecting data on the classrooms. The committee will meet soon to go over the results and work with IT. Some discussion ensued on issues such as desktop suggestion forms.

V. New Business
Report of Nominating Committee and Election — S. Pesino reported that committee that the committee has nominations for chair and vice chair but no nominations for secretary.

• Chair – T. Burkholder was nominated and elected unanimously by the committee.
• Vice Chair – Two candidates accepting nominations were J. Farhat and J. Piatek. After the committee voted, J. Piatek was elected as the vice chair.
• Secretary — Nomination and election of a secretary will be the first item of business in the fall.

Meeting Times — T. Burkholder will poll members about times that work for the committee members.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by
Jason Snyder

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