October 7, 2011

Present: J. Butler, J. Piatek, K. Kean, C. Labedz, J. Farhat, J. Snyder, J. Turner, J. Foshay, S. Kirstukas, S. Bernstein, J. Gamache, S. Pesino, J. Estrada, Guests: A. Kullgren, C. Menoche, L. Washko

1. Meeting called to order at 1:03 p.m.

2. Minutes of September 2, 2011 were approved without amendment (C. LaBedz)


1. J. Estrada announced that ITAC left open a slot for a member from the ITC. He asked that we select a member to attend the meeting in November. Anyone interested should contact T. Burkholder.

Election of Vice Chair

1.  J. Farhat was nominated. Motion to close (C. Labedz, second: J. Snyder). The members elected J. Farhat to serve as vice chair in a unanimous vote.

New Business

1. Location of 3 New Teaching Stations – L. Washko has received money through bond request for three new teaching stations. She reported on the proportions of classrooms with stations in each of the buildings on campus. She recommended that two new stations be placed in Maria Sanford and one in Willard. They are going to experiment with LED screens and watered-down stations without VCR and DVD players. The stations will be in place by the end of the semester.

  • S. Bernstein asked if roaming VCRs will be available. S. Pesino indicated that a few VCRs were still available to sign out.
  • T. Burkholder said that the committee will supply a few faculty to help with the placement of screens, among other things.

2. SAS and SPSS – L. Washko stated that SAS costs over $60,000 annually because of the licensing agreement. The cost is much lower at the other three campuses because they have fewer users. Therefore, the central office has said that after this year, it will no longer pay for SAS license at CCSU. SAS is also difficult to maintain and support. At one point, CCSU tried to get a network license, but that failed and the university had to go back to the individual licensing. L. Washko proposed that CCSU standardize on SPSS beginning fall 2012. J. Estrada indicated that a number of costs are coming down to campuses from the system office. C. Labedz asked about the costs of buying modules that SPSS drops. The committee agreed to submit a survey to the faculty to gather additional data. J. Farhat will work with L. Washko about building, distributing, and analyzing a survey about SAS usage and SPSS usage.

3. Proposed Switch from Turnitin to SafeAssign – J. Snyder informed the committee about a request made of the academic integrity committee by the provost to make a recommendation about whether CCSU should switch to SafeAssign for its anti-plagiarism software.

  • J. Estrada said that taken together, having LMS, e-portfolio, and SafeAssign in Blackboard places pressure on CCSU to renew Blackboard license. S. Pesino said that we have no license for TurnItIn because, according to the purchasing manual, Appendix III, (pdf) all purchase over $10,000 have to be reviewed by the CSU System Office, and the System Office made the decision for unknown reasons. CCSU had budgeted for it. The committee is generally concerned about vendor lock-in. Snyder to report conversation back to academic integrity committee. S. Pesino will work with J. Snyder on these issues.

4. ITC Committee Wheel – C. Labedz recommended that the committee build a wheel of committees that carry out functions annually.

  • The committee identified seven possible standing committees: computer classroom, software request, issue identification, online courses, elections, by-laws, and annual report.
  • T. Burkholder asked for volunteers to serve on the computer classroom committee. L. Washko, J. Piatek, J. Snyder, and H. Rudzinski will serve on the committee. In addition, H. Rudzinski, L. Washko, K. Kean, and J. Butler will serve on the software request committee.
  • T. Burkholder and C. Labedz will work on the committee wheel.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


2 Responses to October 7, 2011

  1. Tom Burkholder says:

    “S. Pesino said that we have no license for TurnItIn because the system reviewed the request and said no because cost was greater than $10,000.” needs clarification

    According to the purchasing manual, Appendix III, (pdf) all purchase over $10,000 have to be reviewed by the CSU System Office. The System Office decided to spike it for unknown reasons even though CCSU had budgeted for it.

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