September 2, 2011

Present: J. Kazecki, J. Piatek, K. Kean, K. Saha, D. Blitz, C. Labedz, J. Farhat, J. Snyder, J. Turner, J. Foshay, S. Kirstukas, S. Bernstein, J. Gamache, S. Pesino, R. Wolff, J. Estrada, H. Rudzinski, Guests: T. Rivera, A. Kullgren, C. Menoche

I. Meeting called to order at 1:04 p.m.
II. Minutes of May 6, 2011 were approved without amendment (Motion to approve by S. Kirstukas)

III. Announcements

1. Although selection committee was impressed by the application, CCSU was not selected to host the CALICO conference.

IV. Elections

1. Secretary: T. Burkholder nominated J. Snyder (second by: C. Labedz). Members voted unanimously to elect J. Snyder.

2. Vice Chair: No nominations were submitted.

3.Chair: T. Burkholder nominated himself (second by: R. Wolff). Members voted unanimously to elect T. Burkholder.

V. Old Business

1. Highlights of IT Division accomplishments – J. Estrada presented the committee with the highlights of the IT Division’s recent accomplishments. In particular, he reported on the following:

i.Emergency Notification System Upgrade has proven effective in test mode

ii.Network vulnerability testing. The BOT hired PwC to assess all CSUs. The results were good with few exceptions pertaining to documentation and procedures. These issues have been addressed.

iii.ITC software request renewals were covered, but new requests were not covered. He suggested that a mechanism for funding new software should be pursued.

iv.Infrastructure Enhancements. J. Estrada described a number of enhancements. CCSU is receiving $1.3 million to enhance the residence hall wireless access.

v. EDUCAUSE Survey on student use of technology. UPBC approved formation of mobile computing committee and digital signage committee. IT proposes to create mobile site using some Banner data. These committees will meet next week. The IT Division is also conducting its first survey of freshman technology preferences and device ownership.

vi.Organizational changes. Tech services/ERP swap DBA. In addition, academic technology and user support were merged. He also described his vision of the roles for the ITAC (IT Advisory Committee), ITC, and BCT (Banner Coordinating Team). He would like to create linkages among the three groups.

vii.IT will implement the new faculty listserv in September.

viii.CSU initiatives – WebEX videoconferencing has been purchased for all CSUs.

2.  CSU course management software update – J. Estrada reported that the selection process had four people from each campus. The group ultimately selected BlackBoardLEARN. A pilot will be conducted this year with a rollout at some point afterward.

i.D. Blitz expressed concerns about cost reduction as agreed to in the recent SEBAC concessions agreement. D. Blitz has asked for more discussion about the decision-making process. He will move forward on his own. He asked that the ITC consider taking a position on the process and in support of open source. R. Wolff asked if it were possible to have members of this committee meet with the ITC to answer questions about the process.

ii.C.Menoche asked about glitches related to saving certain files, such as class lists. J. Estrada will look into it and get back.

iii.C. Labedz asked about support of statistical packages that delete modules with each upgrade. These extra modules have to be requested. A. Kullgren said the system office pays for licensing of SPSS, but those requests for modules may need to go through the ITC software request.

Meeting adjourned at 2:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Jason Snyder


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