April 5, 2013

ITC Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2013

In attendance: S. Bernstein, T. Burkholder, D. Cohen, J. Farhat III, E. Iglesias, K. Kean, S. Kirstukas, A. Kullgren, C. Labedz, Jr., E. Makover, C. Menoche, D. Oyanadel, I. Pevac, J. Piatek, H. Rudzinksi, L Washko (guest)

1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 1:02pm.

2.  Meeting Minutes from March 1, 2013.

March 1 meeting minutes approved without discussion.


A.  IDENTITY FINDER: Amy reminded us to run Identity Finder often.  Scan your computer at least three times a year.  Scan your e-mail, your M drive, and your hard drive.  You can break up the scans if they are taking too long.


A.  BOR POLICY: Tom reported that the BOR was going to meet and approve 001 and 002 with no input from AAUP.  The Union will continue to push on these policies.  There are competing proposals in the works, so a quick resolution may not come.  A meeting will occur on the 26th to discuss this further.  Tom will be in attendance.

B.  PAPERLESS SIGNATURES: Chet reported that there is no new news at this point.  We are considering automated data routing but SharePoint is still out there on the horizon.


A.  CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE REPORT: Henry reported that the Committee is addressing room lighting control issues at this time. The electrician will set up a “test room” as a demo.  The Committee will then see how to progress.  This may occur over the summer.

Copernicus  231 – There are issues with clutter in the front of the room.  The Committee came up with options to help clean up the space in the room.  One option is to put items in a multi-media cabinet.

Multi-media resources: The Committee is interested in populating the classroom database with information on room technology capabilities.  The Committee isn’t sure if the Registrar is interested.  Committee wants to have a conversation with the registrar.  Scheduling software can help us all make better use of the classrooms.

The Committee is also looking at future trends with students bringing in their own devices.  If anyone has some ideas, contact Henry regarding BOYD.

B.  NOMINATING COMMTITEE: Chet reported that we have people who have self-nominated for vice chair and secretary.  We need a nominee for chair.  We will hold off on that until first meeting of the fall on September 6th.

Motion to hold an election for secretary and vice chair.  Motion in order, second.  No discussion.  Motion carries.

Nominating Committee’s motion to hold an election is approved unanimously. 

Motion for ballot: Jen for secretary, Charles for vice chair.  Motion in order, second.  No discussion.  Motion carries.

Nominating Committee’s motion for the ballot (Charles as incoming vice chair & Jen as incoming secretary) is approved unanimously.  

C.  TURN-IT-IN/SAFE ASSIGN: Chet is wondering what’s happening.

Tom: reported that the issue is about privacy.  More specifically, the issue is that faculty at one institution can see student work from another institution.  An assistant attorney general got involved and said shut it down.

David: reported that community colleges thought it was a violation of FERPA.  We did not feel this way.

Steve: added that one of the issues is copyright.  The company is profiting from student work without permission from student.

David: reported that this is an issue with Turn-It-In.  However, we use Safe Assign, which works differently.  Safe Assign allows us to have a private database.

TOM: suggested that we need to push our administration to tell the BOR that this is unacceptable.  We need something to assist us in doing our jobs.  Safe Assign is a useful tool.

Motion to adjourn, second.  No discussion.  Motion carries.

Motion to adjourn is approved unanimously. 

6.  ADJOURN: 1:54pm

Our last meeting of the semester is scheduled for May 3rd.

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