December 7, 2012

Minutes December 7, 2012

Information Technology Committee
December 7, 2012 1:15pm

Present: Z. Bello, S. Bernstein, T. Burkholder, D. Cohen, J. Estrada,  J. Fanhat, J. Gamache, K. Kean, S. Kirstukas, A. Kullgren, C. Kurkjian, E. Makover, C. Menoche, H. I. Pevac, Rudzinski, C. Labedz,T.Rivera, R. Todd, S. Wu, Guest: L. Washko

  1. Call to order
  2. Minutes of November 7, 2012 Meeting

Accepted with corrections of those in attendance

  1. Announcements

Introduction of new Instructional Design Coordinator, David Oyanadel

Tom_ Rep. from Turning Point on campus at IDIRC for clicker technology- side- clicker questions as incentive for students 11:00 am

Amy-Availability of additional training sessions or Identity Finder for December and January.

Robert- there is a list of faculty that have not run identity finder

James Estrada-Pres. Miller’s letter was effective- update now down to about 400- will erase for those who have not run Finder- Will provide a list for people in

Ron Todd- 7 hours- more time on Mac. Do overnight

Charles: Asked – obligation for student info – files/ not obligated on classroom computer labs (student information)-won’t be run in labs

Steven B-run on user profile- if student uses computer with a user profile- info on ID finder-

Tina-Help Desk can delete old profiles PC will eliminate old profiles (more than a year old).

Amy- computers for adjunct

Tina- encouraging Identity Finder on email but will not be scanned (at least in first phase)

Amy- secretaries should be running ID finder -P Card Info

  1. Old Business
    1. Software Request:

Lisa- closed on Wed. compiled info- 67.000 upgrades and renewals- other new requests

Total 106

Tom- request prioritized list from committee

    1. BOR-FTAC Representative

Tom- asks for 2 reps. from committee to attend committee

  1. New Business
    1. Preliminary results of ECAR Student Survey 2012 (Estrada)

James- SEE PPT

Second consecutive year in participation in survey- three years at all- propose a study committee to look at the data

Look at the national data- it is presenting big picture- consider line-up between national – good sample across the nation- shared ECAR response rate. Results public and private – comparable except degree of ownership of devices

See 4 trends: Broad Thematic Messages

74% national have at least one course online

-34% at CCSU

More available online classes and more are taking them.

ECAR graph: Trend toward mobility- but does not capture how devices are integrated into classroom use

Mobility is still supplemental- not extensive as one might think- laptop still rules 86%- similar to CCSU

Technology commendations: students prefer thumb drives, printers and laptops


Gives general trends but not discipline specific

Not with profs but with peers-

USE more face-to-face interactions

Calls for a subcommittee- “Survey fatigue” many demands for survey participation.

Last year- snapshot of freshman and seniors

This year- snapshot all four classes.


Steve- volunteer for subcommittee

Q: library resources- accessing them electronically- for study group look at questions


CCSU- usually aligned within 4 – 5 %



Survey of incoming freshman- will forward

    1. Drafts of 3 major IT policies from ConnSCU
      1. Acceptable Use (2nd revision, awaiting BOR approval)

First two polices have been approved. Boiler plate- a few changes

James-ConnCSU tries to develop policies spanning all 17 institutions

Concern about the process- not sure how committees were populated, no communication. Both policies focus on- consistent in language with no assumption with right to privacy. Biggest change.


Trends- BYOD- bring your own device to campus- in response to deal with budge issues – Bring own device, university may not have to buy them. Loaded with issues- in favor of individual rights- university data – on own machine may be liable for it.

University- can lose your own information-

Acceptable Use and IT are BOR policies

3rd one- still open for input- send comments to Jeff Clark ConnSCU

Tom- acceptable use to allow personal use of campus devices

Existing police preclude that kind of usage. BOR will replace existing policy on all campuses

Security will become di-facto as well once passed.

Allowance for using personal equipment under certain conditions- new policy won’t penalize for some occasion use- travel- make own arrangements

Tom_ can post comments online in response to BOR Draft Information Security Police- Clause about unauthorized software- assumes a list of authorized software- authorized licensed software)

Amy- unauthorized software is not there for university business- i.e. tax return software

Tom- concern authorization for the ConnSCU with unlimited power

Charles-AAUP meeting- certain polices must be approved by contract- access to certain kinds of information- confidentiality issues for research- what rights does ConnSCU have to materials-

Tom- case with oral histories- BC collected oral histories that were subpoenaed in a lawsuit. Freedom of Information Act

James-study committee will come up with effective policies- need to be a structure and process in place- representation with opportunity for input- Recommendation good ideas to get a handle on process for selecting reps and for communicating information.

Tom- short turn around- not able to vet representatives

James- asks for broader representation

Tom- Problem with AAUP if faculty is not represented

Tom- read Proposal for Security Policy to discuss further

Charles: promise of confidentiality -research an issue

Don’t use Gmail account for official business. Chatting about department business -issue of many venues – versus consolidating Moodle-

Charles- word docs to put comments on. Requests docs from Tom. Tom will forward them.


ii. Electronic Communication (2nd revision, awaiting BOR approval) ABOVE

Tina- students get email twice when forwarding

iii. Information Security comments are due to

Jeff Clark (, BOR Security Program Manager, by Friday, January 11, 2013.

  1. Adjourn 2:30 pm



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