March 1, 2013

ITC Meeting Minutes – March 1, 2013

In attendance: Z. Bello, S. Bernstein, T. Burkholder, D. Cohen, J. Estrada, E. Iglesias, A. Kullgren, C. Labedz, E. Makover, D. Oyanadel, I. Pevac, J. Piatek, H. Rudzinski, R. Siponin (for Ron Todd),  L. Washko (guest), S. Wu

I.  Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 1:07

II.  Meeting Minutes from Feb 1: There were some small errors identified.  Some of the comments were not associated with the right person (secretary confused Amy and Lisa).

Meeting minutes approved without discussion.


A. AD-HOC ONLINE COURSE COMMITTEE: We have a sticking point of how to do course evaluations online.  A survey tool will be administered by the department evaluation committee.  David will look into putting survey on Banner.  We will also address the issue of limits on courses (it’s 10 during regular semester, excluding data mining and non-credit classes).  Should we allow expansion of online courses during regular semester?  What kind of restrictions?

Diana: Questioned if the administration has a plan for the future of online classes at CCSU.

Tom: Addressed the original restriction (tuition going directly to System Office).  We need better data in order to move forward.  Online course evaluation needs to happen.

B. IDENTITY FINDER: Lisa encouraged us to run it quarterly.

Tom: For faculty participating on search committees, be aware that some of those documents have PII in it.


A.  BOR POLICIES: Tom reported that there is no news.

James: Reported that Dr. Chang set a meeting of March 15th.  The BOR will focus on interpretation of policies, not eliminating policies.

Tom: Needs a volunteer to attend that meeting from 1-3.

James: Explained CCSU’s position on the policies.  He believes that the faculty feel the new policies are an over-reach.  Faculty members are concerned about active monitoring.

Tom:  There are academic freedom issues associated with monitoring.  Their comeback is “it’s the state policy.”  Our Senate is on record as denouncing the whole thing.  They didn’t supply any suggestions for improvement, just stated they were against it.

James: Wants to know what the faculty position is regarding recommendations on how to improve policies.

Tom: There are some suggestions from Western, Eastern was totally against it.  There isn’t unanimity on this throughout the CSUs.  Tom wants us to make suggestions on 001 and 002 policies.  We need to figure what is and is not “official communication.”  What, exactly, constitutes “official business” or “large files?” We really suffer from lack of definition.  We only have a peripheral awareness of what some of these terms mean.

James: Feels that CIOs are brought into the process a little late.  The policy shouldn’t shift from campus-to-campus.  CIOs need a consistent policy that can be implemented across campuses.  We need faculty to come up with language to help identity how to amend the policies.

Tom:  If you have suggestions on the policies, please forward them prior to the March 15th meeting.


A.  PAPERLESS SIGNATURES: This is a concern that keeps coming up.  We keep signing hard copies of documents that get lost.  How can we deal with this?  Why are we sending pieces of paper for signatures?

Chet: List of priorities recommended to faculty senate.  One was to explore paperless forms.  He asked for James’ help.  He is exploring automated document routing process.  This is a good start to the process.  There are a few different options worth exploring.

James: Emphasized Sharepoint is the long-term solution.  Faculty and staff don’t get access until Office 365 rolls out late summer.  Students will have access in June.  We need to get everyone together on the same page.  Office 365 is a long-term solution, but timing will be an issue.  We can’t predict the exact date for faculty rollout.

Chet: We can improve this to help avoid students losing days or weeks because forms haven’t processed.  Chet feels comfortable that changes will happen soon.

B.  NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: Chet suggested self-nominating.  Charles self-nominated for Vice Chair.  No nominations for Chair or Secretary.  Tom is on sabbatical next spring so he would be willing to help the Chair get in position during the fall.

Tom: Would like to be able to invite newly-elected members to May meeting. We need to push the election committee to wrap up the election process.

C.  IPAD TO DESKTOP: Lisa reported that we will be investigating new opportunities to link IPads to desktops.  We are trying different avenues, welcoming faculty to weigh in and help with the selection process.  There is no version for Android at this time.

Motion to adjourn.

6.  ADJOURN 2:05pm.

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