May 3, 2013

ITC Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2013

In attendance: C. Alexander, J. Butler, T. Burkholder, K. D’Amato, E. Iglesias, K. Kean, S. Kirstukas, A. Kullgren, E. Makover, I. Pevac, J. Piatek, T. Rivera (guest), H. Rudzinksi, L Washko (guest)

1. Meeting called to order 1:18 pm.

2. Meeting minutes from April 5, 2013.

Meeting minutes approved without discussion. Note from the chair that agendas and minutes have been posted on the blog because this is easier: the incoming chair will need to decide if this practice should continue.

3. Announcements.

Reminder to run Identity Finder by May 15th. Be sure to include M-Drive: must be online to scan this drive.

4. Old Business

Meeting with the BOR CIO postponed again, status of BOR policies unclear as CIO is leaving in June with no known replacement. Information security is in limbo.

No news on paperless signatures: using Share Point will not work until faculty have Office 365 access (students will get this over the summer, unknown if/when faculty will).
Need to pursue, particularly from a sustainability point of view.

5. New Business

Classroom Committee Report
Continuing as previous meetings: looking into issues with classroom lighting, testing software for iPad integration in the classroom. Planing for projector replacement cycle focusing on replacing older models with newer bulbless models that must be closer to the screen (need to remount projectors). Classroom projectors automatically shut off after 5 hours with no interaction from the multimedia switcher (can reset the timer by pressing button on the switcher).

Committee report accepted. Discussion suggestions include keeping a list of rooms that could use upgrades and/or additions for when bond money becomes available: but should the list be organized by specific issues, specific rooms, or by building? The Classroom Committee is charged with coming up with a plan for prioritizing room improvements. Will need involvement from Facilities in the form of a representative from Facilities on the ITC: accomplishing this will be the responsibility of the incoming chair.

6. Meeting adjourned 2:03 pm.

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