October 5th, 2012

October 5th, 2012

Vance Room 102

Present: Z. Bello, S. Bernstein, T. Burkholder, D. Cohen, J. Estrada,  J. Fanhat, J. Gamache, K. Kean, S. Kirstukas, C. Kurkjian, E. Makover, C. Menoche, H. Rudzinski, C. Labedz, R. Todd, S. Wu, Guest: L. Washko

I. Meeting called to order at 1:15pm.

II.  Minutes of September 7, 2012 approved.

III.  Announcements

  • Board of Regents Committee: Tom spoke with Mike Davis, the faculty representative on the BOR.  Mike will be attending the ITC meeting in November.
  • National Cybersecurity Month: James reported that it is National Cybersecurity month.  There is some new content on the IT website that is worth reviewing, including a new video on the topic.  The video link is located in the upper right-hand corner of the IT website (link is in red).  The link is also located on the ITC website.
  • Identity Finder: James encourages everyone to run Identity Finder on their computers.  He has gone through ¾ of all administrative departments.  Academic departments will be addressed next.  Please run Identity Finder to help make this process easier.  We need to be more aware of “legacy information.”  The Identity Finder software has been pushed out to all PCs (the icon is located on desktop).  If you have a MAC, call help desk.

IV.  Old Business

None reported.

V. New Business

  • Software Request Committee- Tom opened the floor for the addition of new members to the Software Request Committee.  This Committeehandles requests from faculty for teaching software.  The 2012/2013 AY Committee members are: Erin, Kevin, Henry, Cathy, Zakri, and Lisa.
  • Classroom Survey – Henry reported that the classroom survey data is collected.  He requested the selection of a Computer Classroom Use Committee for the 2012/2013 AY.  This committee considers issues related to classrooms (screen position, position of light switches, putting in shades, and so on).  The 2012/2013 AY Computer Classroom Use Committee members are: Henry, Jen, Chet, and Lisa.
  • Browsers on Teaching Stations – Tom announced that Chrome and Firefox would be removed from teaching stations.  This removal caused people to contact him with complaints about this removal.
  • Web Browser Security Concerns – James expressed concerned about security and vulnerabilities with both Chrome and Firefox.  He described how security for the network is not the only issue – it’s also about maintaining integrity of machine
  • Version updates – Lisa reported that keeping up with the number of Firefox updates is of concern.  She feels that we can adequately patch IE.  We are looking at alternatives to have browsers be more secure.
  • Calling the Help Desk – James and Lisa reiterated the importance of calling the help desk.  James reminded us that the help desk has logging function that tracks reasons for calls.  If you are having trouble with a browser, calling the help desk lets us know there is a problem.  The CCSU Help Desk is very experienced and established.  Lisa added that if a faculty is having trouble with a teaching station, please call help desk so next person doesn’t have an issue.  Don’t just go to plan B and leave the issue for the next person.  When you call them, you can specify when to come (during class or after class).
  • Banner Listing Resolution – Steve introduced a request from Department of Engineering regarding Banner listings.  The issue is specific columns that have changed/disappeared.  There is one publically-accessible Banner Database.  Missing capacity/enrollment columns.  We find that information helpful, compile data, use data.  Data is still available, but it requires a log-in and many mouse clicks.  Can’t be addressed programmatically.  Engineering Department finds current set-up unacceptable – makes advising very difficult, difficult to project enrollment.  Engineering Dept requests that the two columns be added back.  School of Eng. voted that system is broken and not fond of recent Banner changes.  School has strong support for changing back settings.  Drilling through layers to find this information is cumbersome.
  • The Help Desk Solution – Tom reported that, right now, the help desk solution is to search for course enrollment details, select semester, advanced search, then type in course number.
  • Modification Issue –James reported that this is a modification for which there is no comparable upgrade, working with registrar to work on reporting system (work in progress), public-facing will not be available.  Have a forecasting tool that predicts enrollments (working on this – not available for distribution).  Developments may not be on public facing side.  This issue is one feature out of hundreds of features in the Banner upgrade.  This was a modification developed on top of Banner.  Data may not still be available in same form – exploring this question.
  • Wording of Resolution: Steve motioned for New ITC Committee Resolution: “We request that the enrollment and capacity columns be restored to a course listing page that does not require login.”  Motion carried with unanimous agreement.

Meeting adjourned at 2:05pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Diana T. Cohen


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