September 7th, 2012

September 7, 2012

I. Meeting called to order at 1:15pm

II. Minutes of May 4, 2012 approved.

III.  Elected a committee secretary for the new year – Diana T. Cohen

IV.  Announcements

  • Updates on Classroom Support – James
  • Identity Finder: J. Estrada reported that CCSU has pushed out Identity Finder, a software that helps identify P.I.I on a hard drive and all attached devices.
  • Security Breach Update: The deadline for signing up for the free credit monitoring service is September 15th.
  • Reviewing Security Procedures: James is identifying data stewards to help ensure that the records we keep are necessary.  The goal is to reduce stored electronic and paper files.
  • Learn: Sherry
  • Sherry announced that CCSU is fully rolled out with Learn.  Approximately 200/300 faculty are currently using the system (roughly 700 sections).  We have until May to move over from Vista.  CCSU is on track to move by spring.  Learn training sessions are ongoing.
  • Moodle – Tom reported that we are moving to version 2.3 in the spring.  Approximately 30 faculty are using this system.
  • Adobe: Tina and Lisa
  • Tina announced that the Adobe site license is ready for faculty use.  We are licensed for the master collection.  A full package, or a subset of the package, can be installed.  There is also a home use program.
  • Lisa reported that we now have Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat Pro in all classrooms.  Select classrooms have the full suite.

V.  Old Business

  • SAS/SPSS Update – Lisa reported that we not have SAS on demand.  We no longer have access to the full license.  The onus is on the faculty to set up the program.  There is no MAC version.  SPSS is still the same.
  • Classroom survey – Lisa reported that nothing new developed over the summer.  A student did a visual survey of each classroom.  We have the data in hand and must decide how to move forward.
  • New Academic Building – There is a new classroom website that shows the configurations of each classroom.  Some rooms feature a virtual tour.

VI.  New Business

  • Future ITC Meeting Times/Dates ­– Tom inquired as to our future availability.  No objections were raised to Fridays at 1:15.
  • Network Performance – Tom announced that the faculty senate expressed concern over network performance.  A brief discussion took place about what may be accounting for this.
  • Antivirus Scan – Tina reported that all computers should be left on overnight.  McAfee needs to scan the computer.
  • New Academic Building – James reported that we are installing uniform technology set-ups in New Building classrooms.  This should serve as a long-term model for all buildings in the future.  All rooms will feature a touch panel.  The technology will be ready for a summer trial.
  • Departure  – Sherry offered her thanks to the committee.  She will be reporting to the Board of Regents as of September 21st.

Meeting adjourned at 2:16pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Diana T. Cohen


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