April 4, 2014

Meeting Notes – April 4, 2014

Not enough members in attendance to generate a quorum: the meeting is therefore unofficial (no votes or official motions took place, no attendance was kept).

Minutes from the March meeting are posted on the blog, will need to be accepted at the first Fall meeting.

ECAR/EduCause survey – 469 students, 72 faculty responded. Suspect the low number of faculty responses because the faculty survey was less well publicized. Results will be presented at the September meeting.

The new CIO is committed to visit, will be on campus in May. Suggested that the committee choose a date to set up a forum: this forum would be in lieu of the May ITC meeting.

Reminder that May 15 is the next deadline to run Identity Finder, and to fill out the survey after. Department chairs should receive an email regarding access to department fileshares and a weekly reminder to run Identity Finder on those shares if it is not done.

Office 2013 should be rolling out in the Fall for PC users, who may need to update their plugins for the new version. The older version may only be available on Citrix.

Needs 3 volunteers for the elections committee: elections will be organized at the first meeting in the Fall. Charles Menoche will act as chair until new officers are elected.

It is not clear how the reorganization of the School of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering will affect the makeup of the committee.

IT is exploring interest in a Summer Faculty Training Institute for faculty looking for instruction in classroom tech and software (e.g. Blackboard, Doceri, SafeAssign). If the institute runs as planned, it will have 10-15 attendees and run 3-4 days (possibly with a stipend for attendees). An initial questionnaire to the ITC will gauge interest, which would then be followed by a general faculty announcement.

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