December 6, 2013

ITC Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2013.

In attendance: Christine Alexandre, Zakri Bello, Tom Burkholder (guest), Jerry Butler,
Edward Iglesias, Laura Jacobson, Kevin Kean, Stan Kurkovsky, Charles Menoche (chair), Sean McNickle, Gustavo Mejia, David Oyanadel, Jen Piatek, Tina Rivera (guest), Henry Rudzinski, Krishna Saha, Rob Schumaker, Brian Sommers, Barry Sponder, and Lisa Washko (guest)

1. Meeting called to order at 1:15 PM.

2. Meeting minutes from November 8, 2013 approved.

3. Announcements

Migration of Blackboard Learn migration to Blackboard hosting is on track. The system will be shut down at midnight on Dec 24th and restarted at noon on Dec 26th. Announcements will be made so faculty teaching winter session courses will be aware of the downtime and can make accommodations. In addition, all faculty need to be aware that Blackboard Learn gradebooks will not be available on Dec 24th, even though grades are due that day.

Blackboard Learn course shell copying by faculty will be on hold until the migration is complete because copying is currently causing system crashes. Winter session faculty can ask to have their courses copied before the migration if they need. Course copying should return with migration so copying of spring courses should wait until then.

IT is working to add wireless to residence halls: hoping to complete installation in 2 halls done over break, and to get a bid to complete rest over the summer. This is a priority with the administration now.

Identity Finder Tech Talks have been poorly attended (6 attendees at 2 talks). The new confirmation system will be announced on January 15 with more tech talks to follow. There has been some confusion about the Identity Finder password: users set their own password the first time they use the application (‘run’ is the recommended password). If you lose this password, the only solution is to reset Identify Finder: requires a call to the help desk, and will remove information about preferences and past scans. It is critical to follow up scans by completing the confirmation system so numbers are recorded.

There is a virtual desktop client (VDI) that part-time faculty can install on their personal computersd to let them scan their university email and M-drive. They will need to configure VDI to read their email, then run the scan (information is destroyed when quitting the system, so it must be configured each time it is run). The Identify Finder web page contains more information and links to download the VDI application.

4. Old Business

Software requests
The Software Request Committee has ranked the received requests and recommends that all requested upgrades be funded. New software requests are likely not to receive funding: faculty making these requests should also put in a request for one-time funds with their department/school. A motion to support the recommendations passed.

A university committee met to discuss improvements to the Emergency Notification System (ENS). The contract for the current MIR3 ends in August, so there will be an RFP to replace the system put out over the summer. Additional features to be added in short term include an alert application to be pushed to campus desktop Macs and PCs to give notifications to a logged in user, with a similar application pushed to kiosks/TVs on campus. The committee is looking into adding speakers to some buildings, and Facilities will be installing blinds on all classroom windows. Users are reminded to make sure your information in the ENS is kept up to date.

The Hardware/Facilities Technology committee (current members are Edward Iglesias, Amy Kullgren, Stan Kurkovsky, Jen Piatek, Henry Rudzinski (chair), and Lisa Washko) is charged with determining how best it can function to provide priorities for additional classroom installations and upgrades. There is a planned pilot test of a new (relatively) inexpensive lighting solution in NC226 on reading day – if works may be solution for controlling lights in rooms with only one light switch (all on/off). The committee needs a way to collect requests for new/upgraded hardware in rooms, as there is no clear policy about where these requests should go: a solution for this is also part of the charge to this committee.

5. New Business
Software updates are necessary to keep computers up to date/secure (Java in particular) but don’t always happen quickly due to need for admin rights. For updates, make sure to call the help desk: in most cases, the update can be performed relatively quickly (some updates may take longer). Users can request for admin rights for specific machines but will need to present valid reasons (all cases will be reviewed).

Meeting adjourned, 2:29 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek

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