March 7, 2014

ITC Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2014.

In attendance: Stephen Adair (guest), Christine Alexandre, Zakri Bello, Kristin D’Amato,
Edward Iglesias, Kevin Kean, Charles Menoche (chair), Sean McNickle, Gustavo Mejia, Jen Piatek, Tina Rivera (guest), Krishna Saha, Rob Schumaker, Barry Sponder, Lisa Washko (guest), and Shuju Wu.

1. Meeting called to order at 1:15 PM.

2. Meeting minutes from February 7, 2014 approved.

3. Announcements

SafeAssign is now available (again) for use by faculty: access was removed at the request of the state Attorney General because it was not clear if students were giving consent to have their work submitted to the global database that SafeAssign uses to check for plagiarism. Faculty who plan to use this service should make sure students are aware that their papers will be submitted by adding a note in the syllabus to warn them. Students should see a dialog asking for their consent when submitting a paper to a SafeAssign assignment in Blackboard Learn. Positive feedback about the system would be appreciated.

Requests to complete the 2014 ECAR National Study of Faculty Technology Study went out to an estimated 900 faculty, including both full and part time. Please take the time to complete the survey.

4. Old Business

There have been several concerns voiced regarding the new security policy for mobile devices. Some people don’t want to use PINs because they will lock out ICE contacts in an emergency, or because it creates an extra step that requires user attention if trying to make a phone call while driving. There were also concerns about removing email access for emergency notifications. It was noted that the ability to wipe a mobile device from Exchange Webmail exists already, via the link created when accessing Exchange email with any mobile device. To allow faculty to voice their concerns, there will be two open forums held during the University hour (announcements forthcoming). It was also noted that the new mobile is partly due to concerns about phones without PINs allowing access to email accounts that might contain PII and follows similar policies at other universities and the one in place for state employees.

Soliciting ideas for how to best communicate IT events, new policies, and announcements: in the past, people complained about too many emails when notifications were sent separately, but the weekly announcements contain a lot of information (some may be getting lost). Information could be shared via robocalls (although many faculty ignore their university voice mail), or possible through a designated “communications” person in each department who is responsible for sharing information.

5. New Busines
There was some discussion on the keeping of confidential data re: human research subjects and the need to search computers for PII or legal requests. It is not clear how confidentiality is maintained if computer needs to be examined for a legal matter.

There continue to be questions about the turnaround time for returing computers confiscated for virus removal. A loaner is usually offered when this happens, but can’t do that if the faculty member is not available when computer is taken. It takes at least a day to allow enough time to run Identity Finder: the process will be even longer if there is PII on the machine (the faculty member will need to be contacted to determine what to do with the offending files). Faculty should store data on m-drive, so they won’t lose access if their office computer is confiscated. Although difficulties with accessing m-drive from home often leads to faculty storing data on external drives, this is discouraged because of ‘false positive’ results from McAfee (different block sizes for some files when stored in different filesystems) and because it can allow for further transmission of viruses.

Meeting adjourned 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek

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