April 17, 2015

ITC Meeting Minutes – April 17, 2015

In attendance: Chris Alexandre, José Carlos del Ama, Edward Iglesias, Kevin Kean, Thomas King, Amy Kullgren (guest), Laura Jacobsen, Sean McNickle, Gustavo Mejia, Charles Menoche (chair), Pankaj Nagpal, David Oyanadel, Jen Piatek (secretary), Heather Rodriguez, Henry Rudzinski, Brian Sommers, and Shuju Wu.

1. Meeting called to order at 1:20 pm

2. There are not enough elected members present to form a quorum: will need to approve minutes of the March 6 meeting at a future date.

3. Announcements

CIO search update: This is still in progress – additional candidates will be interviewed via phone interviews this week, with on-campus visits scheduled over summer.

4. ITS updates
Training institutes: The last Saturday session just happened. Currently reviewing feedback to implement for additional institutes that will be held over the summer, which will include a modest stipend for attending faculty. Information will be forthcoming in email announcements from Infotech Services. Also soliciting requests from departments for specific topics for workshops geared towards their faculty.

Hardware software requests presented to administration but have not heard about final budgets. Working on streamlining forms so requests are properly funneled to committees, as well as indicating these are for classroom requests.

5. Library updates
There will be a RFP sent to vendors soon for a new integrated library system, as Consuls (current system) support ends this summer. The new system will need to be implemented in 6-12 months, and will include all CSCU’s, community colleges, and the state library. There will probably be demos – look for future announcements (including at ITC meetings).

6. New Business
Online learning task report. This is still in progress: the ITC should be involved before this comes to a Senate vote. Please review and forward comments. In particular, focus on details about types of classes – the amount of online vs on ground courses. Have been evaluating courses using rubrics from a company called Quality Matters. Quality Matters is non-profit organization made up of faculty that produces rubrics to help create online courses. They don’t create online courses for faculty, but they offer courses in how to create online courses. These courses are not about content, pedagogy, or delivery – but how to design a course and implement your strategies to improve your courses. These 2 week courses require a commitment of 8-10 hours of work per week, and are intensive and interactive, not just passive webinars. They cost $150-200 per course. You need to register to see the rubrics on the site, or you can get a copy from ITDRC. The goal is to instill the rubric as a “best practice” (not required, just recommended). In the future there may be training locally and an opportunity to review courses using this rubric.

Other notes from the report include suggestions to move itdrc to academic affairs from IT, a discussion of how to assess online classes. The section on authentication of students is a very vague. There is also a clarification of intellectual property.

Please forward any comments but don’t share outside the committee.

ITC classroom tech committee: The funds allocated to IT for classroom improvement can’t be used for facilities. Instead, have been looking to replace older podiums (big black metal boxes, older desk styles) with funds, also looking to change out switchers to address requests for specific inputs. Podiums will have room for Elmo’s and projectors so they aren’t on the floor or in the way.

Elections: Reminder that online voting for officers will occur after results of the Senate elections are final. The elections committee is soliciting nominations for officers from those who who will be or are planning to continue on the ITC next term: please email nominations to the committee: Shuju Wu nominates herself to run for chair at the meeting. Members are reminded to vote when the slate comes out so there is an official quorum.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek

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