February 6, 2015

In attendance: Chris Alexandre, José Carlos del Ama, James Estrada, Laura Jacobson, Kevin Kean, Sean McNickle, Charles Menoche (chair), Gustavo Mejia, Jason Melnyk (vice-chair), Pankaj Nagpal, David Oyanadel, Jen Piatek (secretary), Tina Rivera (guest), Heather Rodriguez, Henry Rudzinski, and Shuju Wu.

1. Meeting called to order at 1:17 pm

2.Minutes from last meeting were approved.

3. Announcements
The CIO search continues: open forums for meeting visiting candidates will be announced via email (one candidate has visited to date). Printed and email feedback requested from those who visit, and this feedback will be considered by the search committee.

4. ITS Updates
An upgrade to the network firewall will occur this weekend (Sunday 8am-12pm). There may be outages between 8 and 9 am, and access to Learn might be briefly affected (need to contact servers to authenticate log in); testing will occur after 9 am. The upgrade should provide a bigger pipe out and improve speeds on campus. If there are problems, the system will be rolled back and the upgrade will be retried next Sunday. Working to change wireless: the goal is to move away from Clean Access and make access to the wireless simpler (less repeat logins). Users should use the CCSU-SECURE network rather than the others.

Report on faculty training institutes: the summer institutes have been covered in previous reports. An additional institute was held in November. Building on comments for summer about having time between training days for practice, the November session was held on 2 consecutive Fridays. Received positive feedback but overall not as positive as the summer institutes. Feedback comments highlighted topics that were most useful, including the one on one discussions with training staff.  Other feedback noted that the workshops did not get to some topics that faculty were interested in. Two more workshops are planned for this spring. The goal eventually is to have 8 institutes each year (3 summer,  2 per term) with cohorts of 10 each, so 80 faculty receive training each year. IT is also considering creating learning communities and may offer training sessions for single departments focused on their specific needs (as was requested by accounting).

HVAC repairs in the library held up renovation of the videoconferencing room: however, the equipment has finally been ordered and should be installed over the summer.
21st century classroom funding for pilot classrooms ($50k for provost’s plan; $60k for the proposed IT upgrades) should have been received.  Anticipate a total of 1.2 million (the rest coming in summer or fall): will have to make decisions on how to spend this funding appropriately.

The chair notes this is the last time James Estrada will be attend an ITC meeting, as he is officially retiring at the end of February. The committee extended a thank you for his service.

5. New business
The university “Day of Reflection” falls on the committee’s traditional meeting day (first Friday of the month). The committee agrees to move the April meeting two weeks to April 17, which will be the last meeting of the semester.

6. Old business
Still have not completed bylaw revisions to deal with member distribution (re: reorganization of university schools/departments) and committee elections. Discussion of options for elections: should they be held in the fall (first meeting, with the previous officers presiding until elections are complete), the spring (during the final meeting, pending results of the Senate committee elections), or over the summer (via an online ballot)? The bylaw committee will determine if it possible to do official elections online over summer and plans to have two proposals to discuss for next meeting.

Shifting of departments within the university means the committee needs to revisit membership distribution. There is a proposal for this reorganization on the back of the meeting agenda. There is general agreement that this proposal works – the committee needs to solicit feedback from other departments and revisit this discussion in March.

Meeting adjourned 1:55 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek (secretary)

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