March 6, 2015

ITC Meeting Minutes – March 6, 2015

In attendance: Lynn Bonesio Peterson, Kristin D’Amato, Edward Iglesias, Kevin Kean, Amy Kullgren (guest), Sean McNickle, Charles Menoche (chair), Jason Melnyk (vice-chair), Pankaj Nagpal, Clayton Penniman, Jen Piatek (secretary), Tina Rivera (guest), Heather Rodriguez, Enrique Romero, Henry Rudzinski, Rob Schumaker, Barry Sponder, and Shuju Wu.

1. Meeting called to order 1:17 pm.

2. Meeting minutes from February meeting approved.

3. Announcements

CIO search update: Four candidates have visited campus. Search is moving forward from the interview stage, there is no new information yet to report.

4. ITS updates
Improvements are being made to the new account request process. The new hire paper form will be replaced with an online form, except for vendors or unpaid interns (who need to sign a computer use agreement along with the new hire form – other employees sign this form as part of the hiring process). The online form must also be submitted for student workers who are transferring from another department so their account can be transferred. A full time faculty of staff member must fill out the form using an on campus computer (or via Citrix). The form requires the new hire ID number as an input, and has options to add the new employee to the S-drive and department email list. At the moment, the completed request goes to the help desk: in the future, this may be more automated. The form will be advertised when live, and linked from IT website.

5. Old Business

Bylaws revisions
Regarding changes to committee membership related to reorganization of university schools: there has been no additional feedback from last meeting, and input from the Deans has been positive. There is no additional discussion: a motion to accept change and send to Senate passes.

Regarding change to election process: proposed change is to distribute and collect electronic ballots after the results of Senate committee elections but before end of the academic year. A motion to pilot the electronic process this year passes, with a plan to hold elections at the first Fall meeting if the pilot is unsuccessful. Bylaw revisions relevant to elections will be made official in the Fall pending the outcome of the pilot election process.

Volunteers were solicited for the Election committee: Jay Melnyk is chair of this committee as part of vice chair duties. Pankaj Nagpal and Rob Schumaker offer to serve as well. Members need to send nominations for all three positions to election committee.

The committee is reminded that the next meeting is on April 17 due to the holiday on April 3.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek

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