October 3, 2014

In attendance: Chris Alexandre, Tom Burkholder (guest), Kristin D’Amato, José Carlos del Ama, James Estrada, Edward Iglesias, Kevin Kean, Amy Kullgren, Laura Jacobson, Charles Menoche (chair), Jason Melnyk (vice-chair), David Oyanadel, Clayton Penniman, Jen Piatek (secretary), Henry Rudzinski, Barry Sponder, and Shuju Wu.

1. Meeting called to order at 1:15 PM.

2. Meeting minutes from September were approved.

3. Elections

The slate nominated at the last meeting was forwarded to the committee at large via email: no additional nominees have been forthcoming. The slate is passed. [Charles Menoche, Chair, Jason Melnyk, Vice Chair, and Jen Piatek, Secretary.]

4. ITS Updates

ITS solicited suggestions for a summer institute last spring: these workshops were planned for a limited cohort (10 faculty with 3 instructors), with topics taken from the suggestions of interested faculty.

The first workshop received positive feedback from attending faculty (at least 40% “strongly agreed” that the workshop was beneficial on outgoing surveys), a score that improved for the second workshop. Detailed feedback was gathered to help determine what strategies were successful, what did not work, and what other topics might be useful to cover in future workshops.

The initial workshop was scheduled over 3 consecutive days, while the second was scheduled MWF, to allow participants the chance to practice on their own.

3 workshops are planned for this summer, with additional shorter in-semester workshops (scheduled on 2 consecutive Fridays). Ideas will continue to be solicited online for additional topics of interest (those with suggestions should email David Oyanadel).

The BOR is soliciting proposals for prototype rooms for the Smart Classroom Initiative: each institution will receive $60K for renovations/equipment for these prototype rooms. Anyone with suggestions/proposals should contact James Estrada, Christine Alexandre, or David Oyanadel.

5. Old Business

Volunteers to serve on sub-committees were requested: the following have agreed to serve on the following committees:

Classroom Technology: Henry Rudzinski, Christine Alexandre, Clayton Penniman
Software Request: Henry Rudzinski, David Oyanadel, Laura Jacobson, José Carlos del Ama

Discussion ensued about overlap between the two committees regarding technology requests (software vs. hardware), and it was suggested to take advantage of the overlap by expanding the software request form to include hardware requests as well (so there is no need for two request pathways).

The target deadline for priority lists of requested hardware and software is the December meeting: the deadline for requests must be set so the committees can review and rank requests so the list can be approved at the December ITC meeting.

An ad-hoc committee was created to revise the ITC bylaws to reflect changing membership (reorganization of departments) and alter the process of elections to better mesh with Senate committee elections. The committee (Charles Menoche, Jason Melnyk, Jen Piatek, and Tom Burkholder) will discuss changes and solicit reviews from ITC members.

6. New Business

CIO James Estrada is retiring in February: a search committee is being formed (Charles Menoche and Tom Burkholder are both involved in the search; Richard Bachoo is the chair).

The committee needs to set up a meeting with the BOR CIO (Joe Tolisano) – this meeting was supposed to take place last spring but did not due to difficulties in scheduling.

Further discussion about issues with lighting and blinds in classrooms affecting viewability of projector screens: there is a budget of $50K set aside to deal with these issues. The Classroom Technology sub-committee is charged with looking into these issues and determining what improvements need to be made beyond what Facilities Management can cover.

Meeting adjourned 2:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek (acting secretary)

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