September 9, 2014

In attendance: Chris Alexandre, Lynn Bonesio Peterson, Kristin D’Amato, Edward Iglesias, Kevin Kean, Amy Kullgren, Charles Menoche (acting chair), Sean McNickle, Jason Melnyk, Pankaj Nagpal, David Oyanadel, Jen Piatek, Tina Rivera-Rowe, Krishna Saha, Rob Schumaker, and Shuju Wu.

1. Meeting called to order at 1:20 PM.

2. Meeting minutes from March 2014 approved. Notes from April 2014 meeting (unofficial due to lack of quorum) were discussed, no changes are necessary.

3. Elections (deferred from April)

It will be necessary to revise the elections process set forth in the bylaws, as the regularly scheduled May ITC meeting has been falling on a reading day due to changes in the academic calendar. Elections cannot take place in April as that meeting occurs before Senate committee elections are complete.

For this year, it was agreed to do elections via email prior to the October meeting, partly due to the low number of elected committee members attending this meeting. Nominations (in addition to those taken at the meeting) will be solicited via email, with voting to follow.

Nominees for officer positions from members present at the meeting: Charles Menoche will run for Chair, Jason Melnyk for Vice Chair, and Jen Piatek for Secretary (pending the outcome of a run-off election for the committee seat she would occupy).

4. ITS Updates

ITS held 2 Faculty Institutes over the summer: these were 3-day workshops attended by 10 faculty (selected from over 20 applications for each session) and were deemed very successful by attendees. There will likely be mini-institutes announced during the Fall semester, with 3 more full workshops planned for next summer.

Software audit continues, under much pressure from the State (who has mandated the audit). Because Central is unique of the CSUs in allowing departments/faculty to purchase software with P-cards, this process has been difficult. State regulations forbid installation of personal software on State computers, so it is critical for the audit that all purchased software be licensed to CCSU (freeware applications are not affected). There is a webform that can be used to submit/register software.

5. Old Business

There is a need to convene a Bylaws Revision Committee to address the issues with elections and also to address the make-up of the ITC in light of the reorganization of departments from Arts & Sciences / School of Engineering, Science, and Technology. Members should review the bylaws and share comments via email.

6. New Business

At the October meeting, sub-committees will be filled (Classroom Technology, Software Request). Members should be prepared to volunteer.

Meeting adjourned 1:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Piatek (acting secretary)

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