December 4, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Central Connecticut State University
Information Technology Committee
Meeting December 4, 2015 , 1:15pm
Room:  NC 22404

Present ITC:  Steven Block, Kathy Hermes, Kevin Kean, Matthew Martin, Jason Melnyk, Clayton Penniman, Kevin Suares, Catherine Thomas, Chad Williams, Shuju Wu

Present Ex Officio:  Lynn Bonesio-Peterson, Jason Snyder, Dana Hanford, Henry Rudzinski

Present Guests: Tina Rivera, Lisa Washko, Sean McNickle

  1. Approval of the minutes of November 6, 2015:

Recommendation made to correct the spelling of Jim Grupp’s name in Section 4b from “Grup” to “Grupp.”  Minutes unanimously approved as corrected.  (C. Penniman / C. Williams)

  1. Announcements
  1. ITS Department Information / Updates
  • Rivera provided an update on Office 365. Information sessions are in progress. Handouts on Office 365 were distributed to committee members.  To date, 245 people have converted their email over to the new hosted exchange.  The goal is to get 700 people converted by the end of December.  The biggest benefit to converting is getting 50x more storage space.  IT is encouraging whole departments to move at the same time, especially if departments share calendars or have shared email addresses.  More information about Office 365 hosted email is available on the IT website under Hot Topics.  IT recommends converting early for most prompt assistance.  They will be migrating everyone January 4 – 11, 2016.  A component of Office 365 is the One Drive feature.  One Drive provides online file storage.  This feature provides 1 TB of storage with access to files on and off campus.  It is similar to Drop Box or Google Drive.  A handout chart was also distributed on Storage Standards by Data Classification Level which provides an overview of all CCSU digital storage locations and the data type (DCL 0 – 3) permitted.  A question was raised about data storage on the Savin Printers.  IT will look into the caching process on the Savin Printers.
  1. Library Technology Announcements —  None
  2. Academic Area / Departmental Reports — None
  3. Old Business — None
  4. New Business
  • Faculty campus listserv annual re-subscription

A faculty request was made for a new listserv that would only be for announcements and not for discussions.  S. McNickle provided an overview of the listserv situation on campus.  Since the Marketing & Communications Office already provides a listserv for announcements, it was unclear to the committee the intent behind the request.   Discussion also focused on the challenges of “opting in” and “opting out.”   S. Wu will look into this request further and it will be add to the January agenda for Old Business.

  • Software Request Committee meeting update

A spreadsheet handout of the software requests proposal was distributed to the committee.  L. Washko reviewed the list and associated costs.  Five new requests for software were made totaling $14,648.  Upgrades and renewals for existing software totaled $173,640.
Motion:  Approve the software request proposal as presented by the Software Request Committee.  Motion unanimously approved  (C. Penniman / K. Suares)

    • Election for new officers

As Vice Chair, J. Melnyk will be running elections for officer vacancies in the February meeting.  Since J. Melnyk will be completing his term, the position of Vice Chair will be available.

Meeting adjourned at 2:12pm  (C. Penniman / C. Williams)

Respectfully submitted by
Dana Hanford
Secretary, pro tempore

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