October 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  1. [Sign-in sheet – itc-oct2_signup_record]
    Call meeting to order 1:15pm

The Chair Shuju Wu thanked committee for coming and welcomed new members. We have a quorum based on the signatures.

Approval of Minutes (9/11/15).

Discussion: Gustavo Requested 2 additions to the minutes:

  1. Link to recommendations to Online Task Force b. Link to the Help Desk portal

Response:  Online Task Force memo was emailed.  It needs to be re-emailed out due to change in ITC Members.

Request for changes withdrawn.

Moved by Chad Williams

Seconded by Gustavo Mejia

Unanimously approved


-ITC Website – updated to have current list of ITC Members.

-Faculty Senate Chair Steven Cohen indicated that Dr. Pankaj Nagpal will represent ITC  for the OLLIC (Online Learning Implementation Committee).


  1. IT Department Updates
  2. Hosted Exchange – a pilot will be starting soon. Tina demonstrated briefly office.ccsu.edu which provides access to Office365 offerings for Faculty & Staff.  IT is working to develop additional documentation and training opportunities to get the word out.  IT is hoping to have everyone on the hosted Exchange by the start of the spring 2016 semester.
  3. Software & Hardware Requests – there is an informational page regarding these that can be found by clicking on “Access And Request Forms” from www.ccsu.edu/it .

https://hsm.ccsu.edu – login with your Bluenet credentials, both request forms are there.  Chair Shuju Wu asked members to share this information and next month we’ll add members to the hardware and software subcommittee.

  1. CSCU Data Management Policy – Lynn Bonesio explained there is a new policy from the BOR. Through their Security Office they want us to target people who have access to DCL3 data (Social Security Numbers, etc).


  1. Library Technology Announcements

All 17 schools will be using a joint Library System.  It will take about a year (conservative), an RFP was issued.  They are going to be using a system called Ex Libris which will eventually replace Consuls and Serial Solutions.


  1. Academic Area/Departmental Reports

Gustavo Mejia reported that the Graduate Online Learning committee has secured funding to certify 3 Graduate Faculty in Quality Matters.  They will be looking for candidates soon.  They would then review the online components of a course, but not the actual content.


  1. New Business

Lynn Bonesio announced that the CSCU System Office is pursuing a federated id model for Wireless, Self-Service Banner and Email.  Lynn has asked the CSCU System Office to come make a presentation at next month’s ITC meeting.  Lynn asked how ITC members would like IT to communicate about this issue as IT is seeking feedback.


Panjak Nagpal – regarding Online Learning.  Once concern is about Online Course Evaluations.  Gustavo explained how they have the surveys sent to some one not involved in the course using Select Survey.  Tina Rivera explained that the current version of Select Survey has the option of complete anonymity.  Also, there’s discussion about who the IDTRC reports to.


  1. Motion to Adjourn

Edward motioned

Jason 2nded the motion

Meeting adjourned at 2:12

– Respectfully submitted, Amy Kullgren

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