April 1, 2016 Meeting Minutes

ITC Meeting April 1, 2016 (Draft Minutes)

4/1/16, 1:15pm, Room: NC 22404
ITC Sign In/Attendance Sheet-04012016

Present: Sharon Clapp, Fan He, Kathy Hermes, Kevin Kean, Matthew Martin, Sarah Maurer, Gustavo Mejia, Jason Melnyk, Clayton Penniman, Heather Rodriguez, Catherine Thomas, Chad Williams, Shuju Wu

Ex Officio: John Foshay, Dana Hanford, Henry Rudzinski

Guests: Tina Rivera

  1. Approval of minutes of March 4, 2016. Minutes unanimously approved (F. He / C. Penniman)
  2. Announcements
  • New CIO – Ms. Lynn Bonesio-Peterson
  • May 6, 21st-c classroom showcase but ITC meeting that day, maybe go over after3. ITS Department Information / Updates
  • No updates on new classroom to be renovated selection
  • ITS Department updates N/A – faculty at Business School / Vance printer issue worked on with Dean4. Librarian Technology Announcements
  • thanks to IT for cable replacement over break, helps with connection to Pharos printers5. Academic Area / Departmental Reports
  • N/A6. Old Business
  • Election of 2016-17 Officers:
    Elections: J. Melnyk – 1 nomination for Chad Williams Vice Chair; 1 nomination for Matt Martin Chair; 1 nomination for Sharon Clapp Secretary
    Moved to close nominations (J. Melnyk / G. Mejia), Moved to accept slate Kevin, 2nd (J. Melnyk / K. Kean)

Other new business N/A – usually critical ITC activities take place in fall, e.g., new software/hardware

Motion to adjourn  – 1:25 pm (F. He / C. Williams)

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