March 4,2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting March 4,2016

Central Connecticut State University
Information Technology Committee
Meeting March 4, 2016, 1:15pm
Room:  NC 22404

Present ITC:  Steven Block, Fan He, Kathy Hermes, Kevin Kean, Gustavo Mejia, Jason Melnyk, David Oyanadel, Heather Rodrigues, Catherine Thomas, Chad Williams, Shuju Wu

Present Ex Officio:   John Foshay, Dana Hanford, Henry Rudzinski

Guest:   Tina Rivera

1.       Approval of the minutes of December 4, 2016.  Minutes unanimously approved (G. Mejia / K. Hermes).


2.       Announcements

·         Open forums for Chief Information Officer Position

·         “Effective Online Teaching” panel discussions to be held on March 10 and March 31.

·         The 21st Century Classroom showcase will be held on May 6, Vance 009, 1:30-3:00.

3.       ITS Department Information / Updates

·         T. Rivera said that the email transition went well.  There was an increase in calls regarding the “Clutter” feature.  IT included a feature article in their weekly announcements on how to turn off or manage this feature.  IT will be offering workshops on Microsoft Office during Spring Break.

4.       Library Technology Announcements

·         D. Hanford provided an update on the new integrated CSCU library system.  The contract for the system was signed by the BOR and Ex Libris on December 24, 2015.  Implementation Teams have been formed in preparation for the migration.  The Kick-Off meeting with the CSCUs and Ex Libris will be on March 22.  A technical document was sent to IT that contained port requirements.

5.       Academic Area / Departmental Reports —  None

6.       Old Business

·         Request for new listserv

A faculty request to reactivate an existing listserv for announcements was discussed at the December 4, 2015 meeting.  Since there is currently a listserv for announcements, S. Wu contacted the faculty member for more information about this request.  She has not yet received a response.

7.       New Business

·         Election for new officers for 2016-2017

As Vice Chair, J. Melnyk will be running elections.  D. Oyanadel and K. Kean volunteered to be on the Elections Committee with J. Melnyk.  Nominations for Chair and Vice Chair will be needed by the next meeting.

·         Last ITC meeting will be May 6 which is a Reading Day.  Committee members agreed that they would be available to meet on that day.

Meeting adjourned at 1:42pm  (G. Mejia / J. Melnyk)

Respectfully submitted by
Dana Hanford
Secretary, pro tempore

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