May 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes

5/6/16, 1:15pm, Room: NC 22404

Present: Sharon Clapp, Kathy Hermes, Kevin Kean, Matthew Martin, Sarah Maurer, Heather Rodriguez, Catherine Thomas, Chad Williams, Shuju Wu

Guests: Sean McNickle, ITS

  • Approval of minutes of April 1, 2016.
    Minutes unanimously approved (C. Williams / M. Martin)
  • Announcements
    Friday, May 6, 21st-c classroom showcase, 1:30-3pm


  • ITS Department Information / Updates
    Banner to Cloud project: whole campus invitation to go to Ellucian’s presentation on this project, Mon., 5/9, there will be 2 sessions, 10AM-noon & 2pm-4pm
    [discussion asked if there were to be cost savings by doing this; benefits may include better tracking of student success, for example, from beginning (Admissions) through completion]


  • Librarian Technology Announcements


  • Academic Area / Departmental Reports
    Online Learning Implementation Committee report (if any feedback, will have to wait until next semester)
    Graduate Online Learning Committee 
  • Old Business – N/A
  • New Business – N/A


Motion to adjourn  – 1:48pm (S. Clapp / S. Wu)

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