November 6, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Nov. 6, 2015
(Revised Minutes, as approved Dec. 4, 2015)

Central Connecticut State University
Information Technology Committee Agenda
Nov. 6, 2015
1:15 pm
Room: NC 22404

  1. Approval of the minutes of Oct. 2, 2015
    Moved Kevin
    Seconded Clayton
  2. Announcements
    1. 21st Century Classroom Project
      • Provost’s committee phase 1 last year which resulted in the test redesign of the classroom in Vance 099; new committee for this year with Jay & Shuju
      • Phase 2: $1.3 million for new phase – Upgrade at least 1 classroom in each of the following 5 buildings: Copernicus, Vance (RVAC), Sanford, Barnard, Kaiser (Willard going offline); they need to identify rooms that don’t need a lot of construction and seat 40 – any room already equipped with chalkboard ineligiblethere will be another phase with $1million+, then will be looking for mini-grants to fulfill faculty requests for technology1 member from each department can try out the Vance 099 to see what might be good for new classroom technology/setups
  3. ITS Department Information/Updates
    • Amy reported:
      • reaching out to individual academic depts for hosted Exchange
        • IT wants everyone moved over before Spring semester
        • changeover will increase mailbox from 1GB to 50GB for hosted Exchange emails, though only 6 months’ worth to come down onto local client on campus computer, if using local client
        • sending changover requests out to each department now – especially because challenges with Mac OS
        • people using shared calendars should move over at the same time
        • working on documentation now – there will be instructions
  4. Library Technology Announcements
    1. The new CSCU library system
      Dana reported that she’s replacing Edward Iglesias on ITC.
      Updates from library:  moving onto shared library system among CSUs and CCs and Charter Oak, going with Alma system; BOR signing contract with Ex Libris right now; Scott Zak added in some information about Proquest having just bought Ex Libris, as of the same week that the award was given, being investigated; also Scott says may be able to leverage SailPoint (single sign-on system, he demonstrated later in the meeting) to reduce the cost of licensing – maybe licensing resources department by department;
    2. new computer lab on 4th floor – wiring in place; new computers on the way; for library/information literacy instruction; Amy says they were due to arrive yesterday – she’s awaiting to hear if data & electrical are in, too, per Jim Grupp
  5. Academic Area/Departmental Reports
    1. None
  6. Old Business
    1. None
  7. New Business
    • Chad  Williams – moved to discuss New Business
    • Pankaj Nagpal  – seconded
    1. ITC subcommittees: Software and Classroom Technology
      • usually 4 or 5 people on subcommittees; Chad would like to be on software, Clayton to be on both
      • for software: Henry, Clayton (need more), Chad (added)
      • for classroom technology / hardware: Henry, David, Clayton (added)
      • Requests for software/classroom technology to be made by subcommittee by December 1 though people can ask throughout year. Henry made point labs could sometimes have more “classroom technology” to make spaces more flexible (especially as buildings go offline during construction) (& create more flexible lesson options); bigger problem = replace the lab stools with chairs that are more comfortable for regular classes; Clayton said Bio offered up to 3 labs – but who would fund technology for labs? Amy says it’s been brought to Provost and CIO, aware of these options. Clayton seeking larger than 42” screens in order to do both Powerpoints & putting microscopy up on screen. Shuju will ask more people to join subcommitteesApproved to accept subcommittee additions:
        Moved Kevin
        Seconded Clayton
        Vote All approved
  8. Others
    1. Invited talk: System-wide federated ID project (BOR) – Scott Zak from BOR, Enterprise Applications
      Initiative = Identity Management & federation project:  SailPoint & Federated Trust
      started with sponsor Dr. Rob Rennie, SCSU; collaboration on project concept, RFP, evaluation of responses, business maturity and reference checks,  then IT Steering committee approval

      • User eXperience component – single sign on; consumer-grade password reset;
      • Efficiency & agility – by using these systems, the signons will no longer have to be developed on a bespoke basis with different systems knowledge/development methods required; this should offer faster onboarding for new people & services; improved agility when upgrading or adopting new services; tracking student outcomes across whole system
      • Security – multi-factor auth for things like Banner, and other applications that are sensitive, especially with student data, good audit information

      SailPoint Identity Services

        • cloud-based single sign-on;
        • few IT resources required locally

      Federated Trust environment – added to project because of technical services’ recommendation

          • use your local network ID at all CSCU locations for all systems like wifi, etc.

      Timeline for implementation:

        • started working on Oct. 2014 – award made last summer, contract just signed & P.O. cut
        • Go-live: May 2016 = functioning SSO system that each CSU / CC can take advantage of; agile 10-week project to begin with SCSU then written up and replicated at other campuses
        • many go rounds of agile project implementation
        • ? what does this mean for faculty members / end users:
          • different screen for any web-based services – 1st three services to be moved to SailPoint SSO:
            1. Banner
            2. Office 365
            3. Blackboard
        • easier login help / password recovery / multifactor authentication; at first, use existing login info, eventually will have to change – will be a single login id for all students at all campuses; we (CCSU) currently have self-serve password reset, but still top reason for help desk calls;
        • $350/student/year; which totals $350K/year – extra $100K startup cost
        • Amy curious about wireless, but BOR technical services didn’t want to do wireless through Sailpoint, but rather the Federated Trust will fix that;
        • timeline on Federated Trust should also be ready by May 2016
        • Presentation Slides about SailPoint / Federated Identity Management project –
    met with others – some scheduled meetings cancelled – Dec. 18th; currently defining for registrar what’s online & what’s hybrid
  • Adjournment



Moved Kevin
Seconded Henry




Please remember to sign the sign-in sheet.

Next ITC meeting: December 4, 2015.


–Respectfully submitted, Sharon Clapp

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