September 11, 2015 Meeting Minutes

ITC (Information Technology Committee) Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2015

In attendance: Jason Melnyk (chair), Matt Martin, Shuju Wu, Fan He, Kevin Kean, Sharon Clapp, Tina Rivera (guest), Ryan Kelly (guest), Steven Block, Lynn Bonesio-Peterson, Amy Kullgren (guest), Chad Williams, Catherine Thomas, Sean McNickle, Kathy Hermes, Pankaj Nagpal

  1. Meeting called to order at 1:18
  2. Approval of the minutes of March 6, 2015: Kevin moved,  Fan He, seconded – unanimously passed
    Approval of minutes of the April 17, 2015 meeting where didn’t have a quorum: Kevin moved, Fan seconded – unanimously passed
  3. Election of officers:
    Suspension of bylaws in order to elect officers for 2015-2016 academic year
    Kevin moved, Fan seconded – unanimous passed
    Initial slate:
    - Shuju Wu for Chair
    - Jay Melnyk for Vice Chair
    - Sharon Clapp for Secretary
    No one nominated from floor
    Kevin moved to accept slate of officers as proposed, Fan seconded – unanimously moved
  1. Online learning task force recommendations discussed:

    • what to do about ensuring security (question 6)
    • what will happen with already online courses? – reevaluate / restructure?
    • concerns with online evaluations, how to get students to return them
    • why should IDTRC (Instructional Design Resource Center) be under the academic affairs department as per the recommendation?
      Response from task force / ITC member Sharon Clapp: the recommendation was due to the platform-agnostic, instructional design focus of the IDTRC, and desire to improve the quality of course design

      • what does it mean “training needs outside of IDTRC would need to be reassigned”, and where would the necessary resources come from?
      • what would happen to staff training needs – Amy says only 4 to 5 per month of those sessions
      • Amy asked if the IDTRC would be put under Academic Affairs, what would happen to sys admin work?
      • what would happen to noncredit courses
      • is the LMS platform only the recommended one (Blackboard)?

5. ITS Updates

The experimental active learning / technology classroom (from small 21st-century classroom grant) is “live” in Vance (009). Visit / teach in it

Trial of Kaltura streaming media platform starting this year.

BlueJeans – maybe replacing webex which is going away this year – you can pilot it until December this year; also can use enterprise-level Skype. IT will send out information about the BlueJeans for trial

ITC hardware subcommittee

  • replacing podiums, especially in Copernicus
  • pulled out document camera in the newer podiums – swapped out 21, all of the switching technology being changed, but it didn’t come to us until mid-August, so it’s ongoing

Tina Rivera demonstrated the IT Help desk / service request portal (portal goes right into ticketing system)

    • Bluenet and other accounts are still in another portal
    • common requests, such as for, Blackboard merge, for example; also funding hardware & software requests; or request to install software in the classroom request
    • can request help even in off-hours, instead of using emails

No other new or old business

Next meeting: 10/2 – Friday at 1:15PM

Room location, TBD, per new Chair Shuju Wu, an email will be sent with details.

Catherine Thomas from Nursing won’t be able to make it – clinical rotations this year only Friday at this time; Kathy Hermes from History has class until 1:30, so will be late

Moved to adjourn: Kevin moved, Fan seconded, unanimously passed – at 1:48

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Clapp

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